On the Execution of Isaac Hulce

It pains me to acknowledge, for the first time, as I pen these words, that I Lucan Bathroy, with my peers Cara Corvidae and Theo D’Arby, passed the ruling of Treason, and sentence of execution, upon Isaac Hulce. But my pain in the acknowledgement does not reflect my stalwart adherence to the sentence passed.
The allegation levelled against Isaac was that of some 43 counts of murder, some of which were innocents, and all of which Isaac admitted culpability for. When he was asked to explain his actions, his reasoning was simple. To prevent Albion tearing itself asunder, in its task to find the true heir, he would remove those with weaker claims to the throne, so as to fortify the right of those he believed held a stronger claim.
In truth, I must admit I understand his logic, even if the method was beyond questionable. Albion has suffered at the hands of a civil war once before. A man, such as Isaac, a patriot, wished not to see us divided once again. As claimants from within our boarders and without arose, it would follow that all Albione subjects would rally to one cause or another. Better to improve the chances of a select few, than divide us by the claims of many. But his approach to unite us was flawed. Murder would never, and could never, beget the delivery of the true heir to us. I believe that Isaac was blinded in the end by his divergence with the trinity, for whom he blamed for the loss of his sister, the late Charlie Hulce. As such, a task set forth by the Trinity was subject to deficiency and, as a result, always to fail. I do not believe that acts of such violence can lead us to an Heir who will unify us once more. Instead we must trust in our Strength of Unity and unfaltering faith.
Isaac, when questioned, defended his actions as what had to be done, to keep those, like you and I, in the light, as he walked further into the dark. He systematically selected and murdered those who, in his opinion, did not fit the criteria, given to us by the Trinity, to help identify the true heir to the Pendragon throne. I see this as a perversion of these criteria. Isaac took the liberty to subjectively apply the criteria, in conjunction with information on the Pendragon heirs, to which his position granted him access. This perversion of power, subjective application of criteria, and the countless acts of murder, led to my own conclusion that Isaac Hulce was guilty of Treason.
I do not know the logic of my peers, Cara Corvidae and Theo D’Arby, but their conclusion was the same, and so it passed that Isaac Hulce was summarily sentenced to death for his crimes against the Throne, the subjects of Albion and her Allies.
Isaac was a friend of mine, and in some small way a mentor, but his actions could not be born to stand. There will be those of you who agree with the sentence levelled. There will also be those of you who disagree, and will indeed never forgive the actions of my peers and I. However, I present the following for your contemplation. Isaac acted, rightly or wrongly, to prevent the Subjects of Albion from being divided. Should those of you who disagree with the verdict look to act out against this decision, you go against the very fibre of what Isaac, ironically, was motivated to prevent; The division of our great Nation. Our unity and unanimous acceptance of the true heir. So I beseech you, please, to stay your fury and instead channel this effort into seeking out the true Pendragon Heir. Take up the very criteria, which Isaac used to subjectively discount those he slew, as being false heirs, and instead apply it objectively. Help guide us to the true Heir. Then, in some small way, Isaacs death will not have been in vain. For his heinous of crimes shall have, in the end, driven us to the conclusion of a task he wished to see to fruition. For Albion to find its Heir.
Strength Through Unity,

His grace Lucan Torres Bathroy, Lord Ambassador of Albion