Historic notes on the Heartlands’ circles

The Circles of Lantia

This a list of all the Circles of Lantia, the Gem that represents the Circle, and what the Circle and Island represent.


Island NameGemIsland of
Ceryphus (broken)CitrineFortune
Lantia/Holy IsleLapis LazuliBalance

As of Spring 1103, the Circle of Ceryphus was replaced with the Circle of Amnor.

Amnor is The Circle of Quartz, which is the Circle of Freedom

Alvar of Armengar
Spring 1103

Albion Circles

Major Circles

The major ritual circle of Albion is the Wellspring of Life at Eaton, the most powerful ritual circle in the known world.
       From the first Gathering the Lord General of Eaton has been Keeper of the Wellspring. Geographically the Wellspring is only slightly nearer to Eaton than Norhault, but Norhault has been, until recently, notoriously unstable in terms of who controls it (Caledonia or Albion) whereas Eaton has always been Albione. It therefore makes sense that the Mages picked on the more stable of the nearest places to help run and man their most powerful circle. Also, the path through the mountains at the end of the Vale of Eaton is easier between Eaton and the Wellspring, than Norhault and the Wellspring.

Large Circles

Next down from the Wellspring, are the two large circles at Winchester and Warwick. Winchester is the capital of Albion and therefore was probably chosen as such because it has a large circle there. Warwick was once used as a staging post to get troops and supplies into York when Golgamoth attacked.
       The other two large circles in Albion are to be found at Elf’s Rest near Huntingdon (into the Greenwood about 10 miles from Huntingdon) and Stretton about half way between Gloucester and Hereford.
       Stretton is just a small village with a single inn (the Mage’s Staff) which has sprung up around the circle itself, to provide shelter and sustainance. As it is only half a day from Gloucester, Stretton is often referred to as Gloucester Ritual Circle. It became notorious at the Harts Moot of 1098, as the place where Lady Katherine’s renegade unseelie fae killed several notable Harts (and members of other factions), including Lady Lysandra Charenten, who was the Gloucester circle’s resident ritualist at the time.
       Elf’s Rest was so named because the Elves in the Greenwood always used to stay the night there, rather than travelling on to Huntingdon to see Lord General Hunter. No wild animals ever disturbed them there and eventually one of their mages thought to investigate why.

Minor Circles

Albion has many minor ritual circles, mainly in rural areas. These are as follows:

Derelict Circles

The normal flow of power within the land means that sometimes, for reasons unknown, the power within circles dies. They can also be destroyed by direct magical means.
       Past battles, notably in 1096, left Albion with dead large circles in York and Bristol.

The Bristol Ritual Circle (1096AF – 1100AF)

Some years back, during the Civil War within Albion, Jadvor held Bristol and came under siege by Satun and his hoards. In order to prevent more support arriving for Satun, Floris-Brand closed the circle by removing the element of fire from it. At the time, a lone ritualist was holding the circle closed by force of will. She was unprepared for the sudden release of power, or of the cap stone being sent first up out of the circle, then returning to stave in her skull, killing her. This closure of the circle caused a flow of power to spill forth into the Summerlands, potentially unbalancing the ecology there and leading to its corruption was a side-effect that no one could have predicted. When Tiberias, an exile from the tomorrow court, tried to reopen the Bristol ritual circle in 1099 AF, it exploded following an attack on it by Void demons. Those present at Bristol were then sucked through to the Summerlands. Although most eventually made it back to Bristol, the ritual circle was permanently disabled, and a rift through to the Summerlands was left in its place. The rift was eventually closed by a commando force led by s’Kallion of the beastmen on the 5th of the 5th 1100 AF. Those that carried out this mission are refered to as the Companions of Summer.

The York Circle (1104AF)

At the end of August lights were seen in the sky outside the city of York. When the local people went to investigate, it was discovered that something or someone had caused the York ritual circle to once again become active. The circle had been unactive for the last eight years after being attacked by demons and unliving under the command of Golgamoth in 1096. It is currently unknown what has caused this circle to once again gain power.

Another large Circle which has been derelict for years is at Kingsfield, as the result of another battle.
       There used to be a minor circle at Trell but it fell into the bog. The marsh land around Trell is ever changing and gradually the land shifted, the bog grew and reclaimed the circle. There is also a minor circle at Worcester which has not worked since a ritual to try to resurrect Rioc (Corvus’ mother) went horribly wrong, killing the ritualist and most of his group and doing nothing to help resurrect Rioc. Finally there is one at Strong Oak which a few generations ago was deactivated by the Lions in an effort to stop the Bears raiding over the border to take the circle. It was left too long before they tried to reactivate it, so will no longer work.

Lysandra Charenten
Summer 1096

Norscan Ritual Circles

Major Ritual Circles

  • Jellinge Stones – Main Island, North West corner, South East of Malar
  • Circle Of The Ancients – North West Jotunheim

Ritual Circles

  • Aesir’s Cauldron – Central Vestraay
  • Brinsinga Ring – Main Island, East side, North West of Damsey
  • Crimson Lake – Vanaheim, East of Vanaheim City
  • Etri’s Forge – Jotunheim, South of Alfheim Forest
  • The Eye Of The King – East Skidbladnir
  • The Eye Of The Night – South west Vanaheim
  • Giant’s Footfall – Central Jotunheim
  • The Goldenstones – South Jotunheim
  • Grimstone Circle – Main Island, North of the town of Grimstone Circle
  • Heart Of Vanna – West Ratatosk
  • The Iron Circle – South East Vanaheim
  • Mountains Gate – South East Jotunheim
  • The Sentinals – Vanaheim, South East of Odinsheim
  • Silver Fall’s – East Jotunheim
  • Starshadow Circle – Vanaheim, South East of Ravendark
  • The Nine Spears – South West Skald
  • Tyr’s Fingers – Central Nastrond
  • The Whispering Stones – South East Vanaheim
  • Widow’s Peak Spring – South Vanaheim
  • Wyrm’s Spine Circle – Vanaheim, East of Noaton

Cymrijan Ritual Circles

The Whispering Circle

The Whispering Circle is an oddity as far as Ritual Circles are concerned, for any sound made within the circle is magnified over and over again. So loud becomes any noise above a murmur that it is enough to slay an ignorant Ritual team. This Circle is currently active but The High Magicans Office adivse that no Magics should be attempted in this Circle.

Location – South of the city of Gorsenydd.

The Circle of Nine (Under Imperial Control)

Nine stones stand in a circle. These nine stones are said to be nine sleeping druids who await a great turmoil before their return to the world. The Dark Dragons maintain a constant vigil over this Circle from a long hall that has been built near by. Any coven wishing to practice magic here would be well advised to contact Lord Elgion.

Location – West of Caerdydd

The Ring of Truth

The Ring of Truth is a Ritual Circle nestled by the gleaming Truth Waters in the picturesque Barony of Pryddein.

Location – North of the city of Perddu

The Cauldron (Under Imperial Control)

Three concentric circles of three stones spiral around this mist shrouded hollow. Long abandoned but still active. Many locals speak of dark creatures that haunt its gloomy location. The Clergy of Willow Abbey often make the days walk there to gather a rare herb. While Ritual Magic has been practiced here, written histories say as much. This Circle has remained unused for several generations.

Location – NorthWest of Willow Abbey

The Watchers

The Watchers are eight statues arrayed in a circle around a ninth larger statue. Depicting grotesque parodies of human life, these Gargoyles can be seen from miles around. This circle was shut down by Cullen in 1099 following civil disturbance on the isle of Caer Glas. It is, however, open now.
Location – Caer Glas

The Dragon’s Eye

The Dragon’s Eye is to be found midway along the Vale of Tears. This massive circle was highly volatile and trade along the vale had lessened over the years. Castle Storm and Highhold were built to contain the creatures that would occasionally issue forth from the Circle. Since its cleansing in 1103 the Circle is quite usable.

Location – Vale of Tears, Rhegedd

Erin Ritual Circles

Source : The Library of Ynys

Falias (Derelict)

A simple construction in a clearing in Croodle Forest, nine standing stones in a circle. The exact origin of Circle Falias is unsure, some say it was the original gateway to the mystical city of Falias, some say it was created by Medb in the 3rd Erin war. The more pessimistic say it has always been there just lost in memory. However, Circle Falias lies derelict and this is a major source of debate in the taverns and inns of Donegal. Some say destroyed by Fomor to stop the Tuatha reaching their home. The more morbid say the circle lies under Crom’s direct control waiting for the moment to tear Erin back to the dark days of old. Jalin, High Priest of Nuada maintains a vigil to prevent such a prophecy from coming true.

Location – Donegal

The Nine Maidens

Located on the top of a small hill, The Nine Maidens is a relatively modest Circle whose boundary is marked by nine tall pillars of white marble. Each stone is said to represent a maiden, saved by Danu, from the clutches of Crom Cruach. The full tale can be found here.

Location – Dal Riada

Medb’s Ring

This Circle is an ancient link to the Erin Fae, and is known as a centre of peace in Erin. Attacked many times over the years it is still served by Agape and his guardians; in spirit if not in body. Those Tuatha who were involved in the fight to defend the circle, are still bound by the `Wolf Call.` Having to return if the circle if ever attacked again. It is believed that only those bound to the call can travel through the circle carrying arms. This may be legend, but they were the words of Agape, and none seem prepared to chance it.

Location – Tir Tairngir (Leinster)

The Rainbow Ring

Located close to the Holding of Abbey Feelie, this Circle has been served faithfully for many years by Sherbet of the Tuatha de Danon. Though not officially its guardian few would doubt Sherbets link to both the Circle, the surrounding land and its peace loving gentle folk. Current guardian is Merath Jibson.

Location – Tir Tairngir (Leinster)

The Tangled Trees

Few know this Circle’s true location, and fewer are allowed access by the Wyld Fae of Claire. Popular rumour holds that the Tangled Trees is marked not by standing stones, but interlocking banks of bramble, hawthorn, rose and holly. It’s custodian, Keeper used the Circle to open the Paths of Light between Erin and Albion.Unfortunately the Tangled Trees had been used by the Tuatha to lock away the ‘Nimbus’ and it was then set free. Depending on which tales you choose to pay lip service to, this could bode misfortune for the mortals of Erin.

Location – Tir Tairngir (Clare)

Aoife’s Nest

To the northern edge of the peat marshes, on top of a solitary hill overlooking Carrigan Bay lies Aoefe’s Nest. The circle itself is created from a hollowed out barrow mound is surrounded by flowers. The most prominent tale told of this circle is that was blessed by Danu herself and given as a gift to the people of Donegal in recompense for the harsh winters the province suffers. As such, the bee keepers whose bees collect their pollen from this circle are rewarded with the finest honey from all of Erin. For this, the bee keepers of Donegal make a homage to Aoefe’s Nest to thank the Goddess for this gift and pray for another year of Donegal’s finest honey.

Location – Donegal

Stones of Keshcorran

This Ritual Circle contains a single long-house. This mighty hall, was the rumoured to be a dwelling of Medb’s during the Third Erin War. Rumour has it that the late High Incantor – Uther the Black Hearted, learned his dark artes at Her side.

Location – Ulster


This Ritual Circle lies the best part of a days ride south west from Athlone and at the southern spit of the Iron Mountains. The circle is named after the White Bull that fought the Brown Bbull of Cooley and as such the Ancestors have shaped its image in response to the great bulls courage and strength. Finnbanoch Circle is a single ring of quartz stones, a highly rare rock within these lands as such the contrast between that and the granite backdrop of the iron mountains is stark. The stones curve up and over; rib like, and the bright almost translucent whiteness of the stones reflects the glows of power when the circle is empowered. Its warden is Cathbroc Macairem and the blackshields watch over its protection and thoughs whom use it.

Location – Mullingar

Fal Dara / New Grange (Under Imperial Control)

The Mound of Fal Dara, this huge artificial mound is supposedly the true centre of Erin. Geographically speaking this claim may be somewhat erroneous, as far as the populace of Erin, Human, Elven and Fae are concerned, geography is of no concern. The Mound of Fal Dara is a physical testimony to the strength of reverence for the Earth Goddess Danu felt by the Folk of Erin. Constructed entirely by hand, with no magical aid, the mound is a focus for worship and petitions to the Goddess that has endured since Man walked on Erin. Atop the mound can be found the Prime Circle of Erin, a triple ring of standing stones, with nine satellite circles connected to the centre by avenues of stones. Here arcane power of any denomination is magnified and when all the circles are charged the resulting aurora can be seen over the entirety of Erin. It is also rumoured that the mound guards the only permanently open gateway to Tir Na Nog, where the Goddess dwells in Caer Arianrhod, the castle behind the stars. Within the Circle lies the ancient barrow of New Grange. Here the annual Rite of Sun’s Dawning is performed.

Location – Meath

Namon (Under Imperial Control)

Location – Connaught

Ring of Tralee

Location – Connaught

The Ring of the Lost Hundred

The Ring of the Lost Hundred was once thought to be the only remaining legacy of the civilisation that occupied Caer Dannon in times long past. The flood that ‘sank’ Caer Dannon did not touch the Circle but a recent explosion has. Once situated in lush grassland, the blasted stones that mark the Circles boundary now lie broken and inert; a testament to the power of the Empire… or the Conclave.

Location – Caer Dannon

The Cauldron (Derelict)

The site of the last battle of the Third War. Here the late Ard Righ Ash and Queen Medb were slain. While derelict a lasting magic literally haunts this Circle in the shape of the four ghosts of great heroes who gave up their lives to defend the land. Firstly stands King Padraig the Black of Slieve Galleon and at his side ‘Piss-Pot’ Baru (a Dragon’s WarMaster). Also with them walks Bewyr ap Epona of the Swords of the Morrighan – his sword hangs there. A challenge to any who thinks themselves worthy. Finally Aidan of Ulster went to his death here.

Location – Ulster

Teutonian Ritual Circles

Major Ritual CirclesReiskarg-In Hesse. Whole Area tainted by Warpstone, though this is Teutonia’s most potent circle.Frankfurt– In FranconiaPoznan– In MagyarHelvetica– In AlsaceTrient– In Tyrol

Ritual CirclesAachen – In ArdennesBerlyn – In Meissenia. Berlyn was destroyed in 1105 AF by the ConclaveConstance – In TyrolDreiziegen Pass – In HesseGrax – In AustriaHamburg – In HolsteinLecce – In RomagnaMonte Cristo – In CotedazurMetz – In FlandersPrague – In Bohemia, close to Dread Castle NinoReggio – In PiedmontRimini – In MarchTivoli – In TuscanyTrieste – In Serbia, close to the Daemon PortalUtrecht – In LorraineVice – In GothZurich – In PalantineFlorence – In ModenaMilan – In Lombardy. Currently under Fey control.

Lyonessian Circles

Bruxelles Calaise DyeppeLa Havre –LyonMarsyielles –Obsidia – Dangerously unstable (under control of the forces of ‘The Claw’)Pandion –Strasbourg –

Estregalian Ritual Circles

Western Estregales
Constantina –Florentina* –MedieraMoonhaven –Port Durak –South of Equezzera –Trafalgar –
Eastern Estregales
AquileaAugusta Taurinorum –BrixiaFlorentinaGenua –MediolanumNeapolis –Nuova RomaTutonian/Estregalian borderVenucia
The Empire Isles
Messina – Isle of SicyliaPalermo– Isle of SicyliaRoak – Isle of Roak – The venue for ‘The Heartland GamesUstica – Isle of Ustica – ‘The Guild Island’Valetta – Isle of Malta

Caledonian Circles

Major Active Circles

The Great Circle
Near to Pitlochry, the Caledonian capital. Suprisingly plain standing stones in a circle, considering its immense power. Located nearby are a Mages Guild Guardhouse and a Bears Guardhouse. The road south west to Pitlochry is well built and well travelled. There is a transport circle nearby, with another located at Rory’s View in Rannoch Woods.

Medium Active Circles

Balnagowan Head
West of Balnagowan. Tall, sturdy standing stones with a gap to the north exposing the circle to the sea. Battered constantly by high winds and storms. The guardhouse is sensibly located some 200 yards inland.

Blodwyn’s Spring Circle
At the southern foot of the Monauhliath Mountains, on the shores of Loch Broom. A natural bowl in the ground, surrounded by lush vegatation. The Guardhouse is located some hundred yards away.

Callanish Standing Stones
West of Vaternish. Large and sprawling stones laid out in the form of a celtic cross with a smaller circle of stones at the western end of the cross, forming the ritual circle itself. The old Vaternish to Skioh road actually passes through the eastern end of the circle. Guardhouse located next to the eastern end. Prone to violent flares.

Craignish Circle
Due North of Rockholme, on the shores of Loch Lomond. The circle is in a clearing in the woods. It is said to have appeared at the same time that the former Great Circle at Dagda’s Field blew up spectacularly. A Guardhouse is located fifty yards away.

Cnoc an Laith-Bhaid (also known ny the name ‘Torment’)
In the heart of Kataness, in the center of the moorlands. The area is peat bogs around which lie the rubble that was once the town of Torment. The circle is a simple ring of standing stones.

Minor Active Circles

Black Isle Circle
To the South East of the Black Isle, which lies off the North West coast of mainland Caledonia. Located in a clearing, the circle is only marked by wooden staves.

Circle of Awe
On the West coast, in Morven. The circle is on a hilltop. There are tall standing stones with a gap facing the Isle of Bute. The Guardhouse is located at the bottom of the hill.

Circle of Homecoming
North Cudbright, West of Hitharn Mhor The circle is more like an ancient temple, partially roofed with massive stone slabs. It has various side ‘rooms’ leading off from the main circle, one of which is used as the Guardhouse.

Circle on the Spey
Barothness lies to the South, Dun Robin to the North. Close to the first bridge across the River Spey, the circle of stones has a short corridor leading off to the transport circle. It boasts no Guardhouse.

Loch Aber Circle
North of Banchory, on the Western shores of Loch Aber Six feet tall standing stones form a rough circle. It is located near the south western shore of the loch on open ground. The wooden Guardhouse is nearby.

Loch Doon Circle
Due north of Finian, a fortified town on the Cymrjan border. The circle lies in a clearing in the woods, marked by a well at one end. It has no Guardhouse.

Loch Earn Circle
On the northern coast of Loch Earn, near to the foot of the Cairnsorne Mountains A small stone circle in a lightly wooded area. No Guardhouse.

Loch Tay Circle
Due south of the Tay Forest. Large column like stones form an impressive circle on a small mound in the open land near the loch. The Guardhouse is located some 50 yards to the east.

Skarsferry Circle
Ten miles due South of Skarsferry in Northen Caledonia. The circle and transport circle are integral parts of a large partially roofed fortified stone building, complete with Guardhouse. A sizeable guard is here and the road to Skarsferry itself is lined with watch and signal towers.

Strathbraan Circle
On the Eastern coast, between Oban-Dheathan (to the north) and Wemyss (to the south). A simple ring of stones, easy to miss in the heather. No Guardhouse.

Eglisay Circle
On the Isle of Orkneya, well within the Bear’s territory, South of the town of Eglisay. A large up-turned tree trunk stands at the centre of this circle formed by smaller trunks embedded deep in the sand. No Guardhouse. This circle is up to five feet deep in water at high tide.

The Great Forest Circle
Somewhere near to the center of the great forest. The circle is a simple ring of stones, no more than a foot high within a clearing. It no longer has a Guardhouse. It exploded violently at the time of the Cataclysm, blasting a massive clearing in the forest. The circle is still unstable and under Goblin control. Use of this circle is strictly prohibited by the Laird General.

Isle of Bute
On the Isle of Bute, off the west coast of the mainland. The circle is on a hilltop. Made of tall standing stones with a gap facing the mainland. The Circle of Awe is visible on a good day across the water. No Guardhouse.

Major Circles (Derelict)

Gartness Great Circle
Once a major circle situated on what is now called Dagda’s field just to the south of Gartness. Here in the year 500AF the Morrigan and the Dagda called forth the Wild Hunt to counter the Formorian advance. This was one of the most powerful rituals ever performed. All other circles were closed and all power was channelled through the circle at Dagda’s field calling forth the wild hunt to rout the Formorians and utterly destroying the very fabric of the circle in the process. This was also one of the major causes of the cataclysm. On some evenings the Wild Hunt can still be seen coming from this circle.

Medium Circles (Derelict)

Balor’s Circle
Situated on the island of Sour Ivist near Balor’s Tower the power of the circle was corrupted long ago. It was eventually plundured of its power and collapsed

Nuada’s Field Circle
On the uninhabited island of Muile there lies the ancient remains of the ritual circle on Nuada’s Field. The site of the first great battle with the Formorians. The circle was shut down as the battle began to prevent its use by the Formorians. Once the battle was over an attempt to repower the circle was made without success. It has since been suggested that the spilling of Formorian blood on the site has given the field anti-magical properties effectively closing the circle forever. It has now remained inactive for over a millenium.

Minor Circles (Derelict)

Cairngorm Circle
In the north of the Cairngorms lies a shattered valley with the remains of a circle in it.

Grampian Mountains Circle
Only recently discovered in the hills near Bucholie lies a small derelict circle. How long it has been there of when it was active no-one seems to know, the only indication that the site is not normal is a small patch of rocky grass amongst the heather.

Bessy’s Folly
Derelict circle south of Torness. It’s history is largely unknown.

The Circles of MauritaniaSouth Isle

The Eye of Mauritanja ritual circle, one of the most powerful Unicorn circles, sits near the north western tip of South Isle, where the island nearly links to North Isle. Here the mighty Colossus that once defended Mauritanja has fallen into the sea after the Holy Isle tidal wave. Nearby lies Capital City.

The Circle of Fortitude lies just alongside the City of Talcontar, home of the Ghost Walkers, one of the largest groups in the Unicorns. One of the more powerful Mauritanjan ritual cirlces.

Tempest Circle is in the Solent, the saltwater river that runs between North Isle and South Isle – It is a sub-marine circle and is thus completely submerged by the waters, which makes it difficult to use by most ritualists.

The Circle of Sacrifice

North Isle

The Remind Me Circle lies in the The Alzheimer Mountains: This ritual circle is not heavily used, but was the site of a battle during the campaign on North Isle when it was freed from invading Skathen.

The South East corner, on the mouth of the Solent contains the Farsight Ritual Circle that was a staging post for the Unicorn armies during several domestic conflicts.

Horizon Circle

The Lesser Islands

The Isle of Far Reach contains the aptly named Far Reach Circle.

The Soul Forge Ritual Circle upon Gavelle is one of the most heavily used, and is usually cared for by the High Mage of the faction. It has a transport circle on the nearby island of Sven.

The Isle of Grynd has a Ritual Circle, however sources conflict as to it’s name. Further Research required.

Shipyard Isle boasts the Storm Haven Ritual Circle.

Boar Isle, home to the Tribe of the Rainbow Boar, once the Lair of Unicorn enemy Monotone, has the Circle of Hues which lies deep within the forests of this island.

Illyria is a rocky island, home to a volcano that is still active. The Firegate ritual circle is one of the most powerful in Mauritanja and was the site of rift to a Plane of Fire in Illyria’s recent past.

Adelena’s Isle is curious in that it seems to have no Ritual Circle, but it does have it’s own Transport Circle. As this island was only relatively recently discovered by the Unicorns, and is steeped in Magic this mystery is perhaps less than surprising for this strange Island.