Beastmen Creation Myth

In the beginning there was the First, a being who created the world, filled the sky with stars and covered the hills with trees. This being, scooped up mud from the rivers and made fish out of them, it scattered soil from the plains over the land to form the many animals and plants. Then it scooped up shale from the hills to make the goblins and their kin, loam from the forest to make the elves, and granite from the mountains to make the dwarves. Thus came the Elder Races. Each of the new races chose their eldest, strongest and wisest to lead them. In their wisdom they chose names and began to name the world around them. These became the ancestors.

It’s work finished the First prepared to leave the world, it had other worlds to create, other universes to explore. Scooping up a handful of ice from the pole it washed its hands before opening the Door and returning to the in-between. Unseen by the First, the ice melted and mixed with the mud, soil, shale, loam and chips of granite. It rolled the mix into a ball and threw it over its shoulder. The egg fell forgotten into the frozen wastes and lay inert under the pale winter sun.

Night fell and the Elder Races marvelled at the night sky, and being Name Givers set to naming all of the stars and the moon. They rejoiced at their new world. Meanwhile in the frozen wastes Wolf came across the ball of dirt and ice. “What is this?” he asked the forest, but the trees only sighed in the wind. “What is this?” he asked the mountain, but it remained impassive. Frustrated Wolf turned his head to the sky and asked, “What is this, mother Luna?” But Luna was too far away to hear. Wolf asked again, louder this time, “Mother Luna, what is this before me?” Still Luna could not hear. Finally Wolf let out a mighty howl, “Hear me Mother Luna, what is this before me? Is it Hunter or is it Prey?”

Luna looked down, “Why, Wolf, you have found a little of everything. It is the unborn, it is the forgotten.” Wolf looked down confused, “Then what am I to do with it?” Luna smiled and shone her light onto the egg, it began to pulse, changed shape, and before Wolf’s eyes a tiny wolf took form. “It is our child now Wolf, together we will nurture it and make it strong.”

Wolf looked on amazed, “Thank you Luna, it is a great gift, but it has the scent of all of the races and the animals too. I am no Name Giver and know not what to call this thing.” Again Luna smiled, “They shall be known as the Beast-Men, for they are a little of both, and you and I will be their Ancestors from now to forever.”

This is how the Beastmen came to be, why they venerate Wolf and Luna and why they too howl at the moon asking “What am I?”