Collected notes of the Turn Key Court

Assembled from individual documents by the librarians

A letter:

Justice listens, justice is open and justice is for the people. We, The Turn Key Court, have listened to the common-folk of this land and so shall we listen to you for our justice is equal and all ahve the right to be heard. Send your missives to us by this box, be they questions, quarrels needing arbitration or accusations.

To the so called ‘justices’ and sheriffs of The Harts we say this: Do not stop those who would wish us to contact us or their mistrust in you will grow, your monopoly on justice and your self-serving motives exposed.

We are impartial, we are for all, we are justice.

The Turn Key Court

The following have been listed as Wanted by the court.

Albrecht Turner of Gloucester. For the crimes of Murder, Assault, Robbery and bringing disrepute to the Turn Key Court.

Alvera Stroud of Gloucester. For the crimes of Robbery, Assault and Handling of Stolen Goods.

Helen McCreath of Broad Oak. For the crime of perverting the minds of the youth.