Albion Prevails through the spirit of her People

The Herald’s Own B. G. Haigh-Falloughtine takes a look at the current situation in Albion

It is a tale more Albione than any told, when a small nation of fiercely independent people refuse to cave in to the evil ones who would destroy us all. The evil ones who decided to punish the wilful defiance in an appalling show of might and destruction. Despite the terrible hardships, our proud nation became more tightly bound, laughing in the face of terror, taking everything the forces of evil can dish out – prevailing.

We sit now on a fractured egg. Most of the lands which we once knew corrupted by the evil forces of two years ago, when the storms and natural abominations drowned and consumed our cities, towns and homes. Many lost companions and family then.It was then, too, that we lost our King. Still to this day we feel, as darkness falls, the lingering evil which haunts these lands. The nightmares which have become an unfortunate matter of life for us all. This is a crime of foul magnitude, but from the very beginning of her reign Queen Eloise has made it clear that we shall resist these evils with all our might.Her close council, ArchdukePhobos of Naseby, Lord Counsel Isaac Hulce, and the Dukes and Duchesses of our collective lands have pledged themselves to this same end and fight with every ounce of their Pattern to see us prevail.

And we, the peoples of Albion, have also risen to the call. Londinium survives as a floating testament to the resourcefulness of its citizens. Milford Cathedral is protected from the scourge, as are Selby where three empowered stones keep the encroaching Bloodwood at bay. Forest Glen (the Royal Seat) is safe – invisible to evil forces. Carlisle holds as a bastion for evacuees and refugees from all across our lands. Only a matter of months ago, Ditchit, near York, has been reclaimed by the Throne. The Harts and her brave allies now have a staging post for assaults on York and Warwick.

If Calligar and the other forces of evil believe that the Albion leadership, out of fear of death, will allow the peoples of our nation to be left in the lurch, they been deceiving themselves. In the first place our leaders will not break their pledges to rule and care for these lands and its myriad peoples. Furthermore, it is high time that the brutal force with which the evil regime strives to dominate us should be halted.

Through this war Calligar and all the evils have placed themselves against the unbending resolution of the Pendragon Throne, a resolution which has behind it not only the resources and means of the whole faction, but also a union of other great Powers and nations. It is a question of the salvation of our freedom and the right of peoples to live free.

We say to you, whatever ill forces want to drive us into the ocean, you cannot win this war. Against you are arrayed resources and materials far greater than your own. Against you stands the united strength of the free peoples, who with open eyes will fight for freedom to the last. This war is repulsive to us, but do not forget that Albion, once forced into war, will wage it unwaveringly to the end. Albion’s nerves are strong, her will inexhaustible. We will not relent. Albion Forever. Albion Prevails. Long live the Queen.