The False King’ s Armies Retreat! By Jessica Aldred

Rumour has it from Winchester, that the false King Dolorous Stroke is losing control of his country!

The chaos elemental that came to take over the old capital of pre-fall Albion has been said to be struggling to hold onto power, as his country begins to tear itself apart from the inside. As such, the traitorous battalion of Gloucester has had to return to the barony from its new prize jewel in Wickham, with the intention of putting down the rebellion by force. Even now it is said the so called ‘Maimed’ King of Chaos intends to leave the barony to its fate, to try and start elsewhere, his plans having clearly failed.

This writer would like to state that this is the fate of all who deny the leadership of Queen Eloise Hunter and the Trinity of Albion! We have Strength through Unity and it is for this reason Albion –will- prevail!