A word from a Ritualist

By Artemis Nightkin, a Harts ritualist

I’ve been approached by the Herald, as the time grows closer for us to gather for the first Moot, to write a short piece of rituals and appeal for contributors. In truth however, it’s not in my nature to beg. I was raised to earn what I worked for, and through your deeds you will be known. Just like a tree’s fruit you will reap what you sow. Rituals are a rewarding, yet dangerous job with risks that we ritualists readily accept. For contributors however, they step into the circle willingly putting their lives in the hands of the ritualist. It is a gesture of trust to the ritualist, hence why we need to constantly keep proving ourselves worthy of the honour to have people willing to step into ritual circles with us, but it is also an act of bravery in the name of Albion. Strength through Unity, Albion Prevails are some of the words we choose to define ourselves as a nation. Contributors demonstrate the greatest show of unity by working together between themselves and the ritualist, knowing that together they are able to help Albion with the creation of items and people helping our nation continue to prevail with whatever comes it’s way. So instead, I ask of those of you with the power to contribute, those of you who might be faced with the option to step into a circle with anyone of Albion’s ritualists, to consider this; are you willing to demonstrate one of the greatest shows of unity and strength to your fellow Albiones? And for those of you without the power, consider what deeds you can do for those who do step into circles. Contributing, guarding or simply spectating… let Albion continue to show unity between the land and it’s people.