Interview piece – His Master’s Voice

The Most Honourable the Lord Justice, Knight Commander of the Order of the Pendragon, Governor of Gateway Keep, Acting High Dean of the Albione Commission for Education, Dean of the Zachary College for Young Officers, Sir Ross Unswick.

Who are you?

Ross Unswick, Lord Justice of Albion, Knight Commander of the Order of the Pendragon and Voice of the Pendragon by the command of Arturious Rex.

What do you want?

As a young monk I stepped away from material desires. I wanted for a direction for my faith and was blessed with it. As I grow and see through the eyes and speak with a voice beyond that of only Ross, I am led to the search for a wife and the start of a family, an enduring legacy in a land stronger and more united than the day I was born in to it.

Who is your hero?

Without any shadow of doubt each and every subject of Albion of this age, you have endured the greatest of hardships and yet have remained strong.

What is your biggest flaw?

It is true that whilst in the various other lands of Erdreja and at the major gatherings of nations my temperament is reserved and unphased by the ways of others, when in Albion my despise for chaos may be responsible for reactions more swift and less lenient than most are more familiar with.

If invited to a banquet which five people would you invite to your table and why?

Her Majesty Queen Eloise Hunter, long may her reign be glorious and true, Mícheál Mac Greasaí, Master of the Healers Guild, Raya McGregor,  Defender of Good, Caedwin,  High Druid of Erin,  and Georgie.

I am confident that the discussion at the table would be varied and captivating through to the early hours. With the wassail flowing I am confident some topics may make for heated exchanges but this is this fire, this war of words and thoughts from which greatness may be born without bloodshed.

Georgie is there such that I have no concern as to her whereabouts.

If you could gain a single magical item what would it be?

The mind wanders from thoughts of a focus for the vast powers of the plane of life to a pair of scales which may aid lawmen in their quest for the truth when none can be found but on all occasions the same image remains long after the others have departed.

A broad white hilted blade no longer than a modest arm in length. with a fine leaf shaped blade, impossibly keen.

This, I believe to be Carnwennan short blade of Arthur.

What is best in life?

Compassion. A friend for many years who, without question or evasion gives to the best of her ability for no grater gratification than the continued life of others.

Tea or cake?

Tea, black, cold.