The Silver Guardian

After the evil woman had slain the lover of Lady Juliana Batan within the very gardens of Blackwood keep, Juliana ran to her father.

They knew that only one thing could draw such an evil to the Blackwood and Juliana vowed that she would stop this evil woman ever getting the page she so desired. Juliana’s father decided to rally his men and stop the evil woman before she got to the old fort and hidden tower. But Juliana knew this would take too long and ran out on her own, taking the short cut towards the tower.

When she arrived she knew not what to do, so she picked up a stick from the ground and stood her ground, determined that the evil woman would have to kill her first before she got to the tower.
It just so happen that Juliana was being watched by six pairs of eyes and upon seeing her near the shrine awoke and approached the young girl.

The six ancient elements asked the girl what she was doing and i reply she said “For the sake of those I love and for those i have loved i will lay down my very life to stop this evil, possessing a power as great as that which lies within the tower”.

The ancient elements, not seeing such bravery and pureness of heart in a long time offered the powerless girl a deal. “If you do wish to be the guardian of the tower we can make it so” they said” but you must leave all behind, then we will give you the power to protect this world from the evil power which has caused such harm.” Juliana agreed to this, but first wished to say goodbye to her father.
Juliana found her father and his men as they were approaching the fort and told him of her sacrifice, the father mourned the loss of his daughter but asked why the elements had let her leave the tower this one last time.

She reached deep into the folds of her gown and produced a picture of herself framed in perfect silver. She asked her father to keep the painting safe for as long as the picture remained within the frame she would be able to watch over the tower and her family and if the keep was ever to fall to come to her at the tower and she will aide them.

“The Tower can only be opened after midnight. For it is the hour of moon light in which the silver magic’s are at their strongest. Go home father hold the keep for the house of red and white must stand” were her final words before she disappeared in silver smoke”

Copies gifted by Victoria of House Batan, 1112