The Oathsnight 1107 by Solarian

Prior to the feast, wake and oaths the worthies of Albion once again began to have dreams of the Ancestors, the couple I heard were definitely Nethras related. I had also heard rumours that Castell, the Liche, could well be summoned, although one shouldn’t really get ones information from the tap room, it sometimes pays off.
We arrived at the hall, a couple of miles from a transport circle, it was one of which I was previously unaware.
There were some attacks from minor undead, they rose again after they were slain with weapons, but a touch of Ancestral power was enough to destroy them. It was explained to me that these were vengence zombies, although I had never faced them before.
Various aspects of the Trinity started to appear and challenge the Harts.

Aspects that I saw were:

Aspect of the Dragon
A bipedal White Dragon
Big tall, warrior type

Aspect of the Hunter
Beastkin hunter(?), who was a poor card player.

Aspect to Nethras
The Warrior Maiden
The Crone

I’m sure that other reports will cover that in more detail.

The test of the Hunter started with the right of William Hulce to lead, as pack Alpha we had to show both his prowess and his ability to lead the pack, this he did with the cry of “Pack Albion, attack!”

The tests of Nethras began with the Warrior Maiden, her test was to battle the Harts, Captain Eclipse, stood up first and bested her. The crone arrived and explained the nature of the Ancestors and their tests.

We would be required to perform a rite, this would require three people, selected by the aspects of the Trinity, plus three others. This rite would require an item (which we would have to find) and result in the summoning of Castell, his destruction and the clensing of his taint from the Land.

The Hunter also hid an item required for the Rite, this turned out to be a necromantic chalice concealed by an illusion of the Cup of the Hunter.

This rite was successfully performed and the foul Castell was vanquished and his remains disposed of (originally in a convienient side room by me and later by the Vipers with an anti-necromantic doodad of some sort).

We found that the corruption had not departed the land (after Castell was destroyed and his link severed). It was discovered (via the Wolves, I believe) that the Lions had performed a ritual that removed the Dream of Avalon (a gift from the Pendragon) and bound it to their banner. It was thought that this had been an act of ignorance rather than malevolence. The Lord Regent declared that until such time as this was diplomatically settled a state of war would exist between the Harts and the Lions. The Viper’s representative stated that whilst this was the case the Viper nation would not allow Lions to set foot on Viper land.

Other problems appeared to come from worshippers of the Mother, they claimed that the followers of Nethras were heretics and should be destroyed. Even attempting to destroy the Warrior Maiden.

An aspect of the Mother appeared later to further demand that she was given her due.

Formation of the Orders

During the evening the Aspects of the Trinty and selected people whom they wanted to found the three new orders of knights, these were the orders of the Crow, the Drogon and the Stag.

The Order of the Crow (Nethras)

This is to be dedicated to the protection of the Land and People of Albion, and to seek Vengence against those that wrong either.

The Order of the Dragon (Pendragon)

This is dedicated to the Throne of Albion

The Order of the Stag (Hunter)

This is to be dedicated to seeking out those that would harm Albion