The Return of the ‘Jugger Bugger’

Quinn “Killer Quick” Donovan leaves her violent past behind, and returns to court

Jugger fans across Albion were mixed in their reaction to the news that Quinn Donovan, the realm’s most controversial jugger player, will be returning to court.

Donovan has spent some time of late staying at a Nethras convent, battling her personal demons , drink and rage.

Jugger fans will remember the friendly match in 1112 which resulted in casualties on both sides, several spectator injuries, and an inexplicable power shortage of the local transport circle.

The ruling of the Albione jugger commission was that Donovan take a sabbatical from the sport in order to heal herself.

Donovan’s rage has been seen by some as vital to her success on the field, however her drunken, violent rampages out of the field have led to some spectacular arrests, and at least one diplomatic incident.

The Herald wishes Ms Donovan the very best in her return to court, and hopes that her rage finds its true purpose – paggering the enemies of the Realm into the ground.