In times past the courts of Cymrija and Erin would gather once a year on Caer Dannon, the centre of our nation, to celebrate, feast, fight and renew their kinship – traditions I intend to rekindle. At Midsummer we will light the great fires for the festival of Lughnasa and we will celebrate what it is to be alive, remember those who have gone before and renew our faith not only in our ancestors but in our people.

As is our tradition, friends will be welcome to partake of our hospitality but I wish to make one specific invitation: in the trials of recent times, our neighbours to the east have been a constant and steadfast ally to our nation. As a sign of our ongoing friendship and alliance I would like to extend a personal invitation to Queen Eloise and the Harts of Albion to join us. My wish is that they bring their own traditions of Midsummer to our revelries and that we can mark this great occasion together on the very land we fought side by side to defend this past year.

Kellen Morghun

Lord Dragon

On behalf of Albion, I kindly accept this invitation and encourage all Harts to join the Dragons in the celebration of Midsummer. Just like our sibling nation we too have been through deeply threatening times; losing friends, allies and kin to our enemies. After the dark of recent years we have survived the heavy winter and I see no better time than Midsummer to celebrate our victories and reaffirm our bonds to each other.

It is only right that we celebrate this event with those who have been our staunchest allies through these times. Even when sore pressed themselves they offered body and soul to our cause, this is our great opportunity to name them both allies and friends. Two years ago we came to them in need of sanctuary and now we return, reinvigorated, from our reclaimed home. This time we shall bring joy and festivity to their lands; bring out your old House traditions, rekindle your customs of youth and let us show them the heritage of Albion.

Now is a time to stand proud and shout “Albion Prevails!”

Eloise Hunter

Queen of Albion