The Qualities of the True Line of Arthur.

As described by Sir Dawn Corvidae at Midsummer.

The True Heir Shall be Mortal and not Magical.

The True Heir will Willingly Fight and Bleed for Albion.

The True Heir will show Patience and be Slow to Anger.

Further information Pertaining to the True Line of Arthur.

Excalibur may have a hand in Revealing the True Heir.

The True Heir will recognise Albion’s Place in Edreja

The True Heir will be a Patriot

We must listen to the lessons of the Past to Find the True Heir

We should not be Afraid of Unconventional Means and

Methods to find the True Heir.

A True Albion will not welcome Unliving.

Dated this day the 21 st Day of August 1116

Marcus Reiver, Order of the Pendragon.