The Demon and His Lady.

As told by an aspect of Nethras on the Friday Eve of the Gathering 1116.

I do not have skill as a storyteller, so please forgive the “bare bones” approach.

Once, Long ago there was a Demon. This Demon was neither good nor evil, but balanced as any Demon may be.

Now this Demon fell for a Noble Lady of Albion, and in turn this Lady was enamoured of him.

The Demon decided to change his ways for the Lady and become good.

The Lady was promised to another noble and so they were to be separated but they decided to elope together.

They told this in confidence to one of their trusted friends, but this friend was not as trustworthy as they thought and promptly told the other Nobles of their plans.

A Hunting party was sent out after the pair and in the confusion the Noble Lady lost her life.

This greatly angered the Demon and he started hunting down and killing the Nobles that had Hunted them.

The Nobles decided to do something about him and set a trap with the trusted friend as willing bait.

The Demon fell for the bait and a magical rite froze him in place along with his former trusted friend.

Now at this point I was granted a vision.

Of the Floods of Albion

Of Magical Barriers being washed away.

Of a Claw moving

Of the Demon Free.

Of the Trapped Friend very slowly starting to move.

I suspect we will experience the consequences of this quite soon.

Signed this Day the 3 rd Day of September 1116.
Marcus Reiver, Order of the Pendragon.