The Press Shall Not Be Muzzled!

By the editorial team of the Tease
Following the publication of the last issue of
the Tease, there has been a fervour of
comment upon the contents therein. And of
course, this is something we welcome! In
silence, news dies and opinions are

At the Tease, we always encourage right-to-
reply; however, right-to-reply does not

equate to ‘right-to-silence’ or ‘right-to-
censor’. Let alone ‘right-to-control’.

Following brief comments made by one of
our contributors in the previous edition
alluding to the traditional Gryphon pastimes
of cheese and surrender, one ‘Legata
Imperious’ Niobe took it upon herself to
waylay our editor with threats of violence
and demands that we publish an apology
purportedly from ourselves, but to be
written entirely by her.

This occurred while our editorial team was
heading down to fight nobly against the
invading forces of Cathay; the Legate was
notably walking in entirely the opposite
direction at some pace, away from danger.
Her consumption of savoury dairy products
while in the process of ‘cheesing it’ cannot
be confirmed or denied.

Upon realising that our editorial staff was
completely surrounding her and her retinue
with hands upon their own ‘rights-to-reply’,
her manner softened like a brie left too long
under the sun. This gave our Editor a chance
to explain that any submission to state her
own opinions or make her own case would
be eagerly received and printed; indeed, we
welcome submissions from any corner of
the egg!
At the time of going to press, such
submission has not however been received.

We of course infer no judgement from this-
if others wish to remain silent then that is
their free prerogative. However, should
anyone wish to have their voice heard, we
assure them of a platform- if opinions are
unpopular it is all the more important to
make them heard!
The one thing that we will never tolerate is
an attempt to control or dictate the
publication of those opinions, or attempts
to force us to attach our own credit to
words that we would not speak.
The Tease believes greatly in the free press
(and indeed, the extremely cheap press
too), and will always call out attempts to
control or restrict it, no matter how
caerphilly handled.