Greggsy – Erdreja’s Greatest Necromancer!

Shocking scenes took place at the Moot,
when a ritual conducted by the infamous
lanky hunk of green love known as Greggsy
on behalf of Londinium perhaps succeeded
/too/ much.

The ritual was intended to return
Londinium to its rightful position as a city
rather than a reef with particular
architectural merit. And indeed, it was
successful in this despite certain minor side

These included the creation of a major
tsunami heading in the direction of the
Teutonian coast (perhaps it would have
been wise to specify how fast the city was
to rise?), and the accidental creation of
many thousands of unliving urchin

The Tease wonders, what are the plans for
this little horde? We would therefore like
to invite correspondence on the topic.
What do YOU think would be the best way
to put them to use? Ideas mooted thus far
have included a low-cost work-crew to
conduct repairs on the city, or the sale of
them en-masse to a more otherwise-living
friendly faction.

The Baron of Warwick has staked an
interest in acquiring some numbers to use
in his public works project in the Warwick
Sewers, stating ‘These little buggers don’t
need to breath, they can fit into tight
places, no one will have to see them, and
let’s face it, it smells bad enough down
there already’. Could this famous
philanthropist have an answer to this
pressing question?

It is true that many in Albion are repulsed
by the very concept of Unliving, and
consider their summoning a heinous crime.

However, in this case the (doubtless be-
capped and adorably accented) horde are

the accidental result of a genuine act of
good faith, to further our fine nation’s
renaissance. Given this, surely it would
compound tragedy upon tragedy to take
hasty action in their disposal, rather than
giving them a chance to better themselves
and our great nation.

Perhaps this could be a chance for a fresh
discussion on the otherly-alive, and
whether they may have a place in our
society after all?