The Mackintash Trading Collective

Trading concern

Based: Barony of Londinium (in
the County of Warwick and the Duchy
of York)
Heraldry: Black Moustachio on Red and White Pales
Leader: Captain Simon Neverwinter

A Brief History

Upon retiring as the Militia Guilds Master of the Night Watch, Charlie Mackintash returned to his hometown of Gloucester seeking employment in order to live comfortably with his young wife Renee. Within the town at that time, there was little work to be had but Charlie was an enterprising man. Charlie put what little money he had together, called in favours from friends and family, sold Renee’s jewellery save for her wedding band and even sold the Mackintash family blade – Quicksilver. Charlie found that particularly heart wrenching as Quicksilver had been at his side since his father gave it to him when he left to join the guild and it had dispatched many a foe while he was on duty, as he left the trader with a bag of coins in his hand, his other subconsciously reached for the pommel… but this was no time for sentimentality. With the money raised they bought a team of horses and effectively bet what they had on a single cargo – three wagonloads of grain to be transported
to the Markets in Londinium which would hopefully turn a profit. There was no gold left in order to hire guards for the Caravan but thanks to his former position he was joined by three former Sergeants of his Guildhouse, who brought with them a small number of men and called it ‘training’, knowing that if Charlie were to turn a profit he wouldn’t forget his friends.

They travelled fast, across the Spine of Albion then Northeast to the city.
The story of that first journey is retold still over many pints of ale by Mackintash traders and is not without its fair share of heroism and derring-do on the part of not only Charlie and Renee but the brave and good Militiamen who travelled with them, none of whom could pass by an injustice and turn a blind eye. But they are tales for another time.

When the Mackintash Caravan arrived in Londinium, fate had clearly smiled upon them, for two massive grain shipments due in port had both been lost during storms at sea, the likes of which had not been seen in living memory, nor have been seen since. The cities largest grain warehouse had spoiled due to poor maintenance. And the crops throughout the East of Albion had been at an all time low, with little being sent to market. The price of grain, now scarce, had rocketed and top gold was being paid for even the poorest quality animal feed. The fear of starvation had driven the price to such a level that with only three wagonloads, Charlie and Renee would be able to retire comfortably on the profits.

But Charlie refused to profit from the misfortune of others. He sold his grain at the price he’d intended and did not discriminate who he sold it to, sharing it as equally as he could amongst the buyers. His caravan turned a modest profit that day, which he duly shared with the Militiamen who had joined them. He bought back Renee’s jewellery and paid back those he had borrowed from, though he was never able to recover Quicksilver, its whereabouts unknown. He had enough to buy another cargo, with which he travelled west and formed the basis of what would become the Mackintash Trading Collective. From then on, due to this deal and every other he engaged in until his death at a grand age he was known as ‘Honest Charlie’ or ‘Charlie the Just’ The Mackintash immediately gained a reputation for fairness and honesty which they have kept to this day which is coupled with many a cautionary tale regarding those who have tried to cheat or swindle them. The Militiamen would return
to the caravan when not on service and many retired guildsmen joined the trading concern. It also became known within the guild as a good place to recruit young members due to their history and honest upbringing.

Nowadays, nearly a hundred years later, the Mackintash Trading Collective thrives still with a mixed group of individuals who are still identified by their honesty, sense of Justice and loyalty to the Militia Guild with half a dozen Sergeants and a former Guild Master currently travelling with the group. The group no longer travels overland either but instead travel from port to port aboard The Drunken Duck, a fine ship owned by the current Leader of the Mackintash – Captain Simon. Business on land is conducted either from the Londinium offices or via the portable pub named after the ship which is deployed at each port and travels with the group to major faction meetings. Fae, Drow, Human, Beastkin and even the occasional Goblin have found home with the Mackintash, all the group asks is that its members follow the law and their loyalty is with Albion. And of course, that they turn a profit.

Library Archive, detail provided by Darwin (Martial Commander of the Mackintash)