The Land of Albion

The Land of Albion
Thanks are given to Elemmhir Lanatrea, scribe to the Royal Household, for her help in compiling these lists.
Albion is bordered to the north by Caledonia, home of the Bears, and to the west by Cymrja, home of the Dragons.

Geographical features
The Greenwood

A large area of mainly deciduous woodland covering most of the Cymrjan border. It stretches up into the hills and then mountains which make up the border between Albion and Cymrja becoming more coniferous the higher up and further north it goes.

Vale of Eaton

A river valley in the hills which stretches from the Cymrjan border up towards Caledonia. There is only one pass at the top of the Vale of Eaton, which is guarded by Eaton Keep.

Bristol Channel

The border between Cymrja, and Cornwall in Southern Albion.

Trell Marshes

Known to be a home to lizardmen, and plagued by pirates.

Spine of Albion

The range of hills running up the centre of Albion

Finmere Lake

Ely Lake

Vale of York

A wooded area between York and the Vale of Eaton. Mainly deciduous again becoming coniferous in the foothills.
Architectural features
Eaton Keep

Built to withstand all manner or military incursions this has never been taken in battle. Time and again it has stood as the only stopping point for the Caledonians as they have tried to sweep down into Albion. It has its own water supplies and could withstand many days’ siege if required.

The Lighthouse at Orlaine

A tall tower to warn shipping off the rocks around the islands of Orlaine and Sarnia.

Londinium Bridge

One of the first bridges built high enough to allow tall masted ships to pass underneath it.

The Great Northern Wall

Runs along the border between Albion and Caledonia.