The Birth of the Harts Faction

In 1094, the Lions were the Faction of Albion and the Harts did not exist. Then Lord General Corvus Corvidae of the Lions declared himself King of Albion without the blessing of his people. Corvus had no right to do this as he was a caretaker of the Throne, along with the other Lords General in Albion.
This split the Faction into two. Those who disputed Corvus’ right to reign over them, aligned themselves behind the then Lady Elspeth Karlennon and Duke Calin of the Hunters and called themselves the Harts of Albion.
Both the Harts and the Lions claimed to be the true voice of the people of Albion. The Gathering Treaty was invoked and battle was fought. Had Corvus won, the rebels would have been handed to him for justice. Were the rebels to win then Corvus and his nobles would do the same. Unfortunately despite having lost the field Corvus and his allies fled, thus causing civil war within Albion. Lady Elspeth was declared Speaker for the Harts of Albion and pledged to lead the people while awaiting a True King for the Pendragon Throne.
In 1095 Corvus was once more defeated on the field of battle and Lady Elspeth had quested to become the true guardian of the Swords of Waylund. Thus in time Excalibur would be summoned and point to the True King.
By 1096 Corvus himself had gone into exile and the Lions were lead by Jaddvor Erland, Duke of Cornwall. A final battle took place; it was agreed that the losing side would take exile in the magical land of Avalon. The Harts won and the Lions were given until the turning of the year to quit Albion shores and seek haven in Avalon, or pledge themselves to follow the Speaker for the Harts and the Pendragon Throne.
Most of the Lions quit Albion. Peace now exists within Albion under the guiding hand of Lady (now Queen) Elspeth.