The Incantation Device

The Incantation Device

The Incantation or Mordred device was apparently created by the humans who would eventually form the Tebrionian Empire (possibly with aid from the forces of chaos) during the wars of the races immediately preceding the formation of that empire. It has been suggested it was based upon the powers of incantation as while the Elder races were superior to the humans in their use of high and ritual magic the younger races were more powerful in incantation. This would seem to be supported by the Sylvan elves view of incantation although this evidence cannot be regarded as reliable and some hold the reverse of this argument to be true.

The device caused members of the Elder races to weaken, age and die and this effect is enhanced close to the device causing Elves to age more than half a millennia in a minute at close range. As to the devices physical description the reports I have are unclear but reports of a blue crystal and crystal shards are most plausible.
The creation of the device lead to the Sylvan Elves departing the Heartland’s, and together with the Lois Alfar (and possibly others). House Lento of the Sylvan performed the ritual to banish incantations from the surface of Erdreja and suffered grievous losses to the device in the process (explaining their current opinions of incantation).
Incantation magic was preserved during the millennium by the Dark Elves who were protected by the rock separating their lands from the surface.

According to the Sylvan Elves the forces of Chaos at the command of Tebron, or perhaps at their own whim moved the device regularly during the period when incantation was unknown to keep it from discovery.

In 1094 incantation returned to the surface, originally surfacing in Cymrija and Erin where the first Arch High Incantor since the return, Lady Danuvial, became the figurehead for those of faith. Following this return a number of the Elven races including at least one prominent unicorn began to age and die until 1095 a delegation from the
Sylvan Elves interrupted the opening ceremony of the Gathering of Peoples to reveal the existence of the device and to demand assistance from the people of the Heartlands unless they be forced to renew the ritual banning incantation magic. Over the course of this gathering of nations the device was deactivated, however the Mages Guild kept plans to the device and it is rumoured that a chaos knight made off with the device itself. I am unaware of the details of how this was done although the reports that it involved dismissal of the device sounds plausible.

In 1098, Skyne stole the plans to the device hoping to destroy the Incantors guild. After this during the first guild council of the Gathering of peoples it was noted that members of the Elder races began to suffer strange symptoms (possibly as a result of her unsuccessful attempts to reactivate the device). It was discovered later during the
Gathering of peoples that pieces of the book containing the plans for the incantation device were appearing in ritual circles.
On the Sunday of the second moots of 1098 a minion of the ex air mage delivered messages to both the Mages and Incantors guild. Apparently she was angry that the positions of the elemental mages of light, fire and time were re-established without her consultation and permission. As Librarian of the Great Library of Magic she used her position to seal and ransack this Library and to steal a number of books. One of the stolen books includes the plans for the incantation device and she appears to have planned to remake it to get revenge on the Incantors guild prior to her death.

In late 1101 a Chaos Knight was spotted with the device in Cyrija and appeared to be seeking the Incantors to help him to re-empower the device. I am unaware of further sightings between this ritual at Goza on midnight of the 30th day of the sixth month 1102 in which the followers of Golamoth, with alleged Erdrejian assistance, reactivated the device.

A skrying undertaken the following day revealed the information:
The device is within a Pyramid, much like the one at En-Esh except that the sand around it was black. A figure stands beside it with armour lying around. He turned to Azar (the arch mage of the Bears), smiled, and waved, then opened the device and the scrying was cut off.

Written this 2nd day of the seventh month 1102 by Henry of Durfast