Nature of Change

by Dargon Estilan for Hawk and Hernshaw
Healers Meeting at Bishop Auckland by Dargon Estilan for Hawk and Hernshaw
I arrived with most of the rest of the harts and we left the circle and headed towards the healers guild house and residence of former Life master Confucius. Upon arrival we were greeted by the master healers and performed our usual casual sweep of the grounds. We noticed that the tree in the rear gardens was magical and had some vines growing around it that strengthened it, These vines had a similar effect of strengthening the body if worn by a person.
we conversed merrily for a while as other guests arrived and then were attacked by a nasty band of grollochs, and then some skeletons which appeared from the tracks to have been wandering around Albion.
Some ghosts turned up, the only way to rid ourselves of these was to dismiss them.
A local trader called bob arrived to sell some oranges with apparent healing properties, he had a rival trader that sold apples which he kept insulting, the rival trader was apparently around but I never managed to speak with him.
Some more grollochs later the servants offers up a banquet of food, and then master Confucius arrived and we settled down for the lecture. Approximately 30 seconds into the lecture he fell over chi’ immediately jumped to his aid but as he tried to channel healing energies into the life master he became paralysed. Rath jump down to help as well but it was too late all he could do was unparalysed chi’. A crack team of people set about analysing the body and the conclusions from there investigation was he was dead. Killed by a 3 part poison the first and second parts triggered by the third. First was a poison of confusion so he would not be able to sense what was going on, second was a magical paralysis poison so that anyone trying to heal him would become paralysed, the third part and catalyst was a one minute lethal poison. His body was eventually taken away by the vipers.
Confucius’ late wife turned up to speak with her husband she was some form of revenant wanting a box of some sort.
Matt Luhan searched for the entrance to Confucius’ cellar where he had apparently had regular deliveries of ice, and concluded it was hidden behind some form of magical barrier that required a magical key to open.
magical flowers appeared around the place and any whom got too close suffered ill effects, either confusion, sleep, damage from thorns being fired off. These flowers would lose their potency if hit by a rock or other projectile and they withered and died under the power of a magebolt.
the tree in the rear gardens that was magical turned necromantic and caused a lot of diseases and other problems for those present even stripping people normally immune to disease of their immune system. The Tree was eventually purged of the corruption but required a high magic counter on the trunk to break the necromantic spell and allow the tree to be healed. Fortunately someone with the power to counter the binding magic was found, I am unsure whom this was but I think that it was likely Don Alisandro, after the tree was cured no more flowers seemed to appear.
We worked out that the key was a slab of rock that had been broken into three pieces which we retrieved and used to open the cellar, inside the cellar were numerous root and plant creatures that attacked those that descended the stairs. covering the back entrance of the cellar room was a set of vines that decayed all that they touched, the only way we could get past them was to sing at them, the key song was “Round and round the mulberry bush” on the other side of the vines was a selection of vine creatures and a corrupted tree ent, any that approached too close to the ent were also infected with a decaying disease.
It was discovered that the gardener whom had been in the employee of Confucious was a plague cultist, there is a reasonable amount of evidence to support that he was responsible for the death of confucious, he escaped after causing a great deal of damage to the circle guards striking them down with but a touch. He is also believed to be responsible for the disease that broke out in exeter a while back.
Some point in the evening the late Master Confucius returned and was again killed and this time was taken to caer dannon so that his pattern could be laid to rest.
eventually the decaying vines formed up into a human shape and enabled us to go into the chamber in force, after a long pitched battle I finally managed to slay the Ent, at this point we were running extremely low on healing. But all the fighting was done