The Grand Council of 1095 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
The Open Grand Council is held by the Violet Mage in his Tower by the side of the picturesque Loch Tay in Caledonia. He looks rather ill but it is probably the strain of having so many powerful people under one roof. Lady Lysandra is talking to my good friend Taliesin who I had not seen for a couple of years. We talk of old times and he explains more upon the differences between Drow and Dark Elves.
Many friends and colleagues of the game of life are here. Rellik has changed his appearance from the ashen white face often veiled to the colour typical of his race. I wonder if he said something wrong to his Vindryss. No renegade drow are present. Only the Houses Naxos D’Fey, d’Uzzi and Zommorrod A’Tesh have travelled to the Open Grand Council. House d’Uzzi set up a brothel and whipping parlour on the balcony which is only momentarily broken up by the indignant Violet Mage. Crim, Mr Underdark 1095 AF, struts his stuff and then complains of his rough treatment by the various Matron Mothers.
Lord Calin is delayed yet again. Lady Karlennon and Lady Ailish are very impatient to make their entrance. Earl Tarragon, Baron Tarn, Baron Malik, Lady Kathen Fairchild, Lady Celyn, Sir Jasper, Sir Jonathan, and Luetharn are in attendance. Why should there be all those weapons be present at such a peaceful gathering? Certainly the Master Mages will not permit violence to occur.
The few Lions are nervous in the Harts presence. It becomes apparent why later.
Lady Karlennon and Lord Calin lead the large presence from the Hunters and Karlennons into the Great Hall. Their lordships are seated towards the rear of the room due to the lateness of our entrance.
Lady Karlennon instructs me to find out when she will be summoned to the council. Approaching the Violet Mage through such a throng is difficult. He tells me as if I should already know, “In about quarter of an hour and the Lord General may only have one bodyguard. There is no Ritual of Peace.” She thanks me politely for my trouble.
The Open Grand Council is called to order about eight thirty by the Violet Mage. The Lord Generals are lead to their places. Lord Holbon of the Gryphons with his own head upon his shoulders is still carries his helmet; Lady Katrina du Venoir representing Lord Satûn acts strangely in her black dress and flashing venomous eyes that cause many to avert their gaze from her; Queen Cerridwen of the Bears; Lady Karlennon of the Harts; Vindryss Naxos D’Fey of the Tarantulas. The Violet Mage calls other the other factions to come forth. These gradually take their seats throughout the Grand Council. Only the Lord Viper of Teutonia are not represented in any way because the Viper Queen is expecting a child. [In fact he was born on the 13th November.]
The Violet Mage asks Lord Magician Arcane of the Dragons to take his place at the High Table but refuses. He says, “I am heir to the throne of Cymrija and I challenge Lady Katrina.”
Lady Katrina interrupts, “Arcane, you are an infidel and a coward of cowards.”
Arcane continues, “I call upon all Dragons to pledge to Cymrija or that b—- Katrina. Oppose Lord Satûn. The challenge is against her. She has made her choice.” He then takes his place at the High Table.
Lady Katrina at this point refuses to reply and despite further prompts refuses to address the Open Grand Council.
Duke Edmund D’Addernoir of the Lions, Archbishop of York, said, “I am Blackadder, Edmund….Blackadder of the Lions. I bring greeting to my lords, ladies and gentlemen from my Lord Corvus and Lady Roxanne. I have no news to announce. Any that wish are permitted to talk to me later.”
Valsharess Vindryss Naxos D’Fey refuses to speak but orders one of her Matron Mothers to read out a long letter. “From her Arachnessence Vindryss Naxos D’Fey. Most beloved of Loth…… Aid given to those treacherous heretics that undermine the natural order will be dealt with severely. We cast them forth as they have no longer the favour of Loth. They will be eradicated!!! No longer Drow but Dark Elves. Our Wrath will be visited upon those humans that give them sanctuary…The overthrow of Lios Alfar will be certain. Why do you humans support them? Did you not once join together to destroy them…Fey are your kin. We have more in common…Unliving will not be turned away. Forge a new truth and we will award you well. Loyal Tarantulas must treat with us. Old alliances will be treated or broken. LOTH TU MALAR!!!” Then Vindryss Naxos D’Fey strutted forth with her human slave stripped to his G-string with a dog collar around his neck. She calls upon Timothy de Wilfsbane of the Gryphons to come forward. She says with menace, “As I cannot offer a betrothal to a mere human, I give you this gift. You can receive the chain when you visit me in the Underdark.” He awards him with a dog collar.
Lady Karlennon of the Harts regally stood and addressed the throng, “I call all those true to Albion to join the Harts. I give the Lions [the supporters of Lord Corvus and Lady Roxanne] until the Moots to do so. After which the Lions will not be tolerated. Lord Arcane has our full support against Lady Katrina. All are welcome to treat with us except Lady Katrina and her Lord Satûn. On lighter matters, I am pleased to announce my engagement to Earl Tarragon.”
Lord Seduraed in his rambling way states, “I support Lord Arcane for the crown of Cymrija. I wish for trade in peace and plenty for all.”
Lord Arcane addresses the council again. “…Lions, the past is the past. Now is a time of reconciliation and a fixed border. The Gryphons were defeated on the field of honour. Their transgressions once again will not be tolerated. There will otherwise be war. We declare war against the Tarantulas. My thanks from my great people to another, the Harts, for their assistance and a prosperous future. Queen Cerridwen of the Bears, there has been differences in the past and let us unite. The Bears and Vipers with the Dragons [drinking in the bar!!] We invite any to the Dragons Camp except that b—- Katrina.”
Lord Holbon of the Gryphons states, “Some Gryphons have been kidnapped by the Dragons.”
Lord Arcane denied any knowledge but promised to investigate.
Holbon continues, “Adelain and Corvain Sandy MacFinn are now declared outlaw.”
Queen Cerridwen says, “Welcome all those to Caledonia as long as you leave the same way as you came. I lay claim to the Orkneyjar as they were won on the field of battle.”
She is rudely interrupted Lady Aleda, Seer of the Wolves who advances flanked by many of the Fellowship of the White Wolf. “We were not beaten and will not give you Orkneyjar.”
Queen Cerridwen justifiably storms back, “I will not be spoken to like this. Remember, you are in Caledonia. I lay our [the Bears] ancient claim to Orkneyjar. I will not treat with you as Lord Wolf himself does not even deem to turn up…I congratulate Lady Karlennon upon her betrothal. The Drow that have been cast out of the Tarantulas are welcome to reside within Caledonia and will have our full protection.”
Lady Aleda, See-er of the Wolves is invited to the High Table by the Violet Mage and she accepts.
Schadel of the Incantors Guild says, “I bring dire warnings to you all. There are three forces that contest Orkneyjar. The Bears, Wolves and Satûn . Think carefully who your neighbours are. That scum sucking leach from hell is an affront to the Violet Mage.” as he pointed at a large lady with a red cloak and rather sharp teeth, a Vampire. To some barracking, he carries on, “I was dead but I got better… I will deal with you Lady Katrina later.”
Lady Katrina replies, “I am not dead yet.”
He replies, “Soon, and then you will be mine.”
Lord Lankin of the Lios Alfar resplendent in red blouse and black trouse comes forward and addresses the interested onlookers. “We accept Lord Calin of the Hunters offer of sanctuary in the Greenwood. We open our hospitality to all except Valsharess who ordered the murder of two of my kind. Why?? These attacks were unprovoked. We are therefore the enemy of the Drow.”
Floris-Brand addressed the throng, “It is nice to see that Lady Karlennon has sorted out a husband for herself. At least you had the courtesy to chose one of those I sorted out for you.”
The Formal part of the Grand Council closed.
There is some concern over Master White, who believes that it is 895 AF and refers to Floris Brand as Floris Ilias. Lady Lysandra seems to be having fun with this confused Mage. There seems to be no love lost between them.
Suddenly the Chaos Lord, Mayhem in his blue armour, walks in and the sea of people parts in front of him. He attempts to hand out various small crystals that contain pure chaos to lowly serfs. The crystals are considered safe until they were invoked or somebody divined them for magic. These could cause evil or good at the flip of the coin. The only poor fool that was persuaded by Mayhem to take a crystal and then invoke it had his mind altered to a clueless fool. Some of his friends try to assure people that there was little difference. There is also accounts of some people having glowing runes appearing upon their foreheads.
The talking finally finishes in the small hours of the morning.
I have endeavoured to ensure that the attached observations are as free from bias as possible. So that any reader may not be mislead in any way, I have attached jottings from my personal diary. This will enable the reader to gauge my feelings and mood.
Personal Diary of the Evening of the 11th November 1095 AF

At the 8th hour, I had a pleasant dialogue with Lord Tarragon over the implications of responsibility and hierarchy. He certainly has an interesting philosophical stance.
After the close of the formal part of the Grand Council, I was conducted to Lady Karlennon by Lord Calin. She seemed a little agitated by my scarcity of tact on a few of my subjective written comments made to her. My ‘under the weather’ appearance greatly distressed her. I assured her that I was fine, and continued the conversation for some time during which some of my issues I had raised were thoughtfully conceded. Still perturbed by my unnerved appearance, she dismissed me from her presence.
Still reeling from the heady atmosphere of power and presence, I was forced to seek the assistance of healers, and a quiet corner to reflect upon the implications of this evening’s conversation.
During the latter part of this evening’s event, I was approached tentatively by the lady, Ailish. With her clear, cool clarity of thought and action, so typical of her native countrymen, she requested me to take some time to explain a few points of contention concerning a letter I had composed just after this year’s Gathering. These, much to my astonishment, were concerning her popular amour with the bewitching, and witty Baron Lachlan. I assured her these comments may have perhaps been a little premature but were given as an opinion between a Knight of the Noble Order of Eaton and his Order’s Patron. Not open, as was her worry, to universal discussion. Confused and worried over this, I left the lady in fine voice to continue her most splendid musical entertainment role. Trust does not come easy for either of us. Both foreigners in our adopted land.
Returned to the Grand Hall, to demand words with Lord Calin who was almost hauled out by his collar. Only a sharp order to Talistar stopped this faithful friend and companion from having strong words with his swords with me. I expressed my concerns to my Lord Calin. His nobility shone forth for he knew it was an emotional dispute between two fellow humans of Celtic origin. Talistar was much amused at the antics of ‘mere humans.’