The Alchemist Guild of Erdreja – Official Briefing – Alchemist Military Report

Early May 1123

Location: Siluria, Cymrija

Target: Cooking Pot Guildhouse

Date: Saturday Moot 1, 17:00

Report prepared by: Guild Master Lilith

Over the past year, we have had numerous interations with the Court of Stone – an unknown group of individuals claiming to be under a curse whereby if they suffer a fatal wound, their pattern and body begins to petrify.

We received intelligence from a passing trader that the guild house was barred and under guard by 2 golems, but at around 5pm each day there was a gap in their defences during the changing of the guard. We took this opportunity to take a small tactical unit ot break through the defences in hopes of seizing back control of the guild house.

When we arrived at the transport circle of Stones Deep, there was a small humming boulder in the centre of the circle. Whilst it emanated magical energy, the boulder posed no threat or difficulties to the transport rite. The land was changed but the path lay clear for our journey to the Cooking Pot. Along the trail, we were met by groups of humanoids bearing the red sashes of the Alchemist Guild workers. I announced we were there to take the guild house back, but they claimed it was “their” home and that they were “made there”. We fought our way through, wave after wave until we reached the Guild House to find it was barred and barricaded. After breaking through, another wave was prepared to greet us, but they proposed a challenge of Champions. Their “Champion” against ours.

Sir Karen Aldain-Darkendale, Queen of Siluria, Knight of the Order of Celestial stepped forward to represent us as our Champion. From behind their forces came their champion. An unnatural creature emerged from behind the forces and stepped forward. The creature seemed solemn and full of woe. It was given an order to step forward but hesitated. It was clear that this creature is suffering under the shackles of its masters and had no choice but to obey. It reluctantly stepped forward and was able to force Sir Karen to stop still in her tracks, before swinging its giant claw to attack her. As soon as the creature’s attack struck I could see Sir Karen’s form begin to pretrify. We rushed to her aid and the challenge of champions was concluded.

Not willing to risk anyone’s life, we made a decision to retreat back to the safety of the guilds.

This was a harsh defeat, but we learned much. We will be planning a return visit once we have combined our knowledge for the next plan of attack. For now, the Philosopher’s Stone remains protected, but we cannot be sure that the Court of Stone will not try again.

Spread the word to your factions, friends and guild members – we will not be defeated a second time!

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