The Royal Champion’s Tournament 1123

This year’s tournament will be in two stages, the first will be single combat between the challengers until a victor is revealed.

No magical equipent or magical abilities are permitted during the single combat.

The second stage will be a 10 vs 10 melee 1 hour after the result of the single combat stage, with the finalists each leading a team. All magicl abilities will be permitted at this stage of the combat.

In the spirit of the Harts call “Strength through unity” each finalist will be expected to create a team of 10 combatants with a maximum of 2 combatants from the duchies of Cornwall, Keswick, Winchester, York and Gloucester. (The finalists will have to account for their own Duchy in the second stage.)

They are permitted to choose up to 2 people not currently aligned wiht a Duchy from the Harts in order to make up the team of 10.

In the event that both finalists win 1 challenge each, The Queen will choose her champion to be inducted into the Order of the Rose.

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