The Albion Fleets

Notes by Benedict Karlennon

On the matter of Her Majesties Fleets, and the support offered to them by the Cinque Ports:
Her Gracious Majesty commands two fleets – the Northern Fleet, sailing out of the Cinque Port of Newcastle, and the Southern Fleet, sailing out of the Cinque Port of Southampton. Each fleet has a Commander, and each commander reports to the Admiral, who reports to the Marshall of Her Majesties Armies.
Currently, the commander of HM Southern Fleet is William Penhaligon of Caer Pendrinn, and the commander of HM Northern Fleet is Benedict Karlennon, who holds the post as well as that of Admiral.
Of the Cinque Ports:
There are 5 Cinque Ports, those being Bristol, Southampton, Brighthelm Stane, Londimium and Newcastle. Each has sufficent reserved moorage for a fleet, with the ports of Southampton and Newcastle being capable of holding both fleets simultaneously. If there were cause to support both fleets out of one of the other Cinque Ports, civilian moorage space would have to be commandeered. Each Port has its own Naval warehouses and supplies for the fleets.
The Cinque Port of Bristol exists mainly as a matter of historical note. It was designated as a Cinque Port when Albion was often at war with Cymryja, with Northern Cornwall as disputed territory. Now that the border has stabilised, and Bristol has lost its Ritual Circle, its importance is diminishing.
The Cinque Port of Southampton is home to HM Southern Fleet, and contains shipyards for the care and maintenance of that Fleet. It is rare for any ship larger than a blockade runner to be built here, however.
The Cinque Port of Brighthelm Stane is the main supply depot for HM Navies as well as being a trading port in its own right, having its own Ritual Circle and an easily defendable port. A rowdy town, due to the presence of so many sailors, the Healers of the Monastery of the Chalice are often busy dealing with the aftermath of brawls between ships crews.
The Cinque Port of Londinium holds the main ship building yards of Her Majesties Navies, with wood being supplied from the Selby Forest. The transformation of that forest by the Blood Elven Court is causing the Office of the Master of the Cinque Ports some worries.
The Cinque Port of Newcastle supports HM Northern Fleet.
Benedict Karlennon

June 1100 A.F.