Scouting Reports November 1108


The past year has been one of unrest in the Duchy of Cornwall. Rumours that Dame Melyor of Caer Pendrinn was chased out by servants of the Pendragon, has caused a pause in the growth of worship of that ancestor. And some of the people whisper the old words of revolt, though this is much less open than it has been in recent years. Some of the people fear the Caer will collapse into the sea now that the Dame has vanished and many offer up prayers to Manannan, Lord of the Seas to keep the waves from the door.
Rumours of Taranis worship growing amongst the populace are also rife. The Lord of Storm’s clearly still has his enclaves of worship, though it is still not an open worship, rather it is whispered in the Dark and many say that he still waits and bides his time, seeking that moment when the Trinity is weakest.
With the rites of worship to the Trinity being circulated, old stories and traditions long dead are once again surfacing. Pre-Empire tales of Nethras are starting to resurface and her worship continues to grow apace.
In the more populated centres the people seem more content. The Duchy has recovered from much of the damage wrought by the Cataclysm and with a new Duchess, and one who cares for the young Morgaine the people look forward to a future of prosperity. Much fewer are the people who see themselves as apart from Albion now, and many are happier that they now stand united once more under the banner of the King and his betrothed.
In Silverlake and Alton the people go about their lives with an air of unease, the spectre of the Serenity Circle giving a dark reminder that all is not well within the borders of their land. Strange lightning storms and eerie lights have also been reported over the skies in Silverlake and there are even some reports of magic going awry in the area.
At the tip of the Bristol Gap work has recently begun on the rebuilding of Caer Hearne at the behest of the newly appointed Duchess. The people of the local area take great pride in the fact that she appears to have chosen this ancient site as her seat within the Duchy and are aiding in the building efforts.
In all the people go about their lives in the stoic fashion of the hardened coastal folk they are, but as ever there is always one eye to the Sea and one eye to the rest of Albion.


Much rumour has been spreading from the lush lands of the Forest Duchy of late. Tales of heroic deeds and enemies vanquished, but also darker tales of an invasion and terrible threats to chill the heart of the most valiant of Greenwood denizens.
What is known is that the Duchess of Gloucester led a large force of Harts and their allies into the depths of the Greenwood and regained a treasure of old, spilling the blood of many of the Hunters enemies in the accomplishment of this task.

The dread Hounds of Calligar are greatly weakened by the actions of those faithful souls that journeyed into the heart of the Hunter’s realm and this fills the people with hope that their new Duchess, though from a foreign land, is one of them at heart.
News of the return of the Earl of Chester was also greeted with good cheer and seen as a blow against the enemies that have assailed York. These dreaded Akari have also dared to set foot in the Greenwood. A large force entered by way of the circle at Forest Glen, but was likewise defeated by Harts and allies. It was believe that some remained but the Elves and creatures of the Greenwood have put paid to them for now, but who knows when they might return? And in what numbers?
The people of Gloucester are in good spirits. Enemies within have been ousted and the nobles of the land seem able to repulse attacks from without.
The people also welcome home one of the House of Hulce, which only goes to further the goodwill being felt currently.==Keswick==
A Duchy is in mourning.
With the loss of Duke Charles, the people begin to wonder if there is some power at work that is responsible for the deaths of so many good men and women that would serve their Duchy. Who now will look to their needs?
The Regent has elevated the former Countess of Nottingham to the rank of Duchess and many pray for her in the chapels to the Trinity that have sprung up all over the Duchy since the opening of the Grand Cathedral in Milford. While the people may be worried about their voices being heard by the Court of Albion, they are assured that the Ancestor’s hear their pleas.
The faith of Nethras has long been strong within Keswick, but it is now joined by the worship of Hunter and Pendragon and the Trinity flourishes here.
In Tewksbury the people have suffered under bandit attacks, centred mostly around the guild-house and mine of the Armourer’s, though these seem to have lessened in recent months, and the threat from the Hounds of Calligar that looked like it might escalate late last winter has happily not materialised. Due mostly, so the people believe, to the actions of the Harts under the command of the Lord Regent himself, travelling to the region to deal with the problem head on.
Along the eastern border many watch their cousins in York, fearful that the horrific attacks that have befallen them may soon find their way into their homes. The Keswick Battalion stands ready to do its duty against these unliving intruders should they stray too far west, or to assist those already under attack at a moments notice.
For the time being the people keep a watchful eye on the situation and keep the ancestors in their hearts.


Since the Daemonic creatures of the Court of Lies took the Bloodwood the Battalion of Winchester has been involved in a holding action, keeping the evil contained yet unable to make significant advancement within its borders. This stalemate is starting to tell on the forces for, while the enemy seems able to continue fighting ceaselessly the men and women that defend Albion cannot. This has led to some unrest among the people, who fear that sooner or later their protectors will fall under the strain of so long a conflict.

This unrest bleeds its way down the ranks of the lesser nobility and into the rank and file of the common folk, many of whom begin to wonder what will happen if the attacks they hear of from York move southwards.
Still for the most part daily life in the Duchy continues as always. Commerce being a big part of city life there are always disputes amongst trade guilds and haggling over prices of this or that to contend with.

In more rural areas farming has picked up and goods are flowing to trade centres freely again which only serves to bring prosperity to the Duchy of the King.
Trade by sea however is another matter. Pirate actions of late have been intense and several towns along the coast have come under serious attack.

Lismore and Lowestoft have been razed with reports of mists rolling in land followed by creatures coming out of the sea and destroying all in their paths. The Navy now has regular patrols and a blockade in place in an attempt to stop these attacks, and for now it seems to be working.


Since the first attack of the Akari, the people have suffered terrible attacks and endured the nightmare of invasion.

The city of York was lost in the first attack and since that night the Akari have placed the city under the rule of their mysterious and dark masters.

The few reports coming out of the area tell tales of human slave camps, with the men, women and children there being controlled to rebuild sections of the city or to fight against their kinsmen when battle is joined with the armies of Albion.
Some even say that there are humans working willingly against their fellow Albiones for the Akari in the hopes of gaining favour with their Unliving masters.
Yet all is not lost. In the midst of such troubles the forces of Albion fought gallantly against the Unliving invaders, rescued the Earl of Chester and held the Warwick circle against the tide of the enemy. Whilst this small force held their ground under the command of the Duke of York, the forces of the York battalion led by the Lord Martial waged war in a small piece of Albion that is fast becoming famous.

Hedgley Moor is a piece of land, just north of the town of ditchit and it was upon this land that a famous victory was won. With forces of the Akari heading south, the Battalion joined with forces of the Nishak, Daemonic creatures that had appeared in Albion a year before and were now reluctant allies in this fight. Together they fought against the Akari and were able to push enough of them back that those at the Warwick circle could withstand the force that attacked their position.
Once this battle was won, a second attack occurred. With orders from the Duke of York and the Lord Regent himself, the York Battalion attacked and destroyed the Nishak interlopers, though their leader ‘Honour’ was to survive and flee the field.
In one move the armies of Albion had defeat not one but two invading forces.
It is with this knowledge that the people of York cling to their lands with a grim determination. While some move northwards beyond the Great Wall in the hopes that it will grant them some respite from the enemy, others build fortifications around hamlets and settlements
It is in the North of the Duchy that York rallies behind its Duke.