Heartland Games 1102

by Dargon Estilan for Hawk and Hernshaw
Report of the HG 1102 by Dargon and Catholicon for Hawk and Hernshaw

The mage guild’s copy of the world balance (made with the help of the other guilds) started damaging any person who made contact with it. It then finished making itself (items started appearing on the balance). It also destroyed any item that touched it and damaged the bearer. This caused many problems as the healers seemed to be without their link to the plain of life until the evening, meaning the injured had to be bandaged and left. The healer’s guild asked for the mages to move said balance away from the healer’s guild. The mages guild agreed and sent for people to move it, but due to problems locating these people the mages guild said it could not be moved for 7 days. The healers where not impressed!!
A necromancer turned up at the healer’s guild to talk and complain about the raids onto his island and about Stephan Louie sending little healer to their doom. He offered to take anyone who wanted to look around the island with him before Stephan forced them to go. Since most of the healers felt the same way about Stephan this did not get the response the Necromancer was looking for and he went home unmolested (One Ghoul dismissed as they transported out incanters timing for you.) Stating that he would return and moan when their was some one worth moaning at!
The games started.
Council meeting as follows:


Everything is Ok!


New command announced.


New command announced, still have command openings.

Supply problems continuing,

Will be running a fighting comp, prize donated by O&S.


Forming Bank Guard (have arresting power of militia).

Dwarfs accosted bank demanding all money as their property as they own the mines.


New command announced

Problems with dragons

Ent’s comp on sat prize donated by O&S


New command announced

Wolves demand 200GP of Stefan (Guild say its his and his families problem)

Necromancer’s arrival was explained.


New command announced but some places still empty.

Some people are going around with forged papers saying they represent the guild.

They have the Orb of spirit but don’t seem to know why!


Lost guild master Water


New command announced.

Have lost a prisoner would like him back.


Received demands for money from Scaflock

Are going to get a shard.
Miners Guild interrupted proceedings to ask for recognition as a guild. Bronwin told them to shut up and go away, it was pointed out that they had a right to be their and to ask for recognition, to which her replied was ‘I am chair I decide!’ people got upset.
Charmed items causing irrational behaviour turned up on people causing friend to attack friend
Lasha worked out how to turn himself into a human for periods of time and preceded to cause havoc especially with the aformentioned charms playing a game with himself.
During the night of Saturday a group of creature most if not all Unliving lead by a Greater Mummy a Wight and a Skeleton Lord, blocked the route from the camping area to the town, They did not harm anyone unless they where carrying a magical item in which case they paralysed they bearer and removed the item. Despite direct warnings they mugged many people and stole many items. The mummy was taking the item to a lich on the isle of dreams where she is using the power to keep herself alive, and for magical research.
A group of pirates where also out mugging, removing all items of their victims

Catholicon got promoted to deputy high ritualist for the Healers, plans where drawn up for the healers guild to do a series of lectures over the year on many areas including herd, poisons, fist aid etc.
Harts travelled to a death knights tomb before bugging out. A death knight invaded Albion at the ‘Two rivers’ circle killing all the guards and turning them into unliving before sending them to the games to attack the Harts.

Council meeting

Want to help other guilds

Introduced their new master

Are going to have no weapons for sale, but are going to have other items of power

Announced that golems where behind supply problems

Dark wanderer appeared ,

Some one stole the shard of dark ancestors,

Going to try something new with Death knights.

Trying to reconstruct relations with wolves (Agree to give one of their rituals for the wolf faction.)

Are having more problems with healing after nightmare and dark carnival attacks. Believe the object controlling them is in the ritual of peace stone from last year, that it is a void creature and can be bound or controlled in silver are arranging for the stone bound in a silver chain to arrive by Monday

Mushrooms have again been appearing and doing pattern corrupting damage if seen tell healers so they can dispose of them.

Warning not to touch golems.

Offer of free training to anyone with a bow.

Are making a Bestiary of interesting creatures if anyone has any.

Catafrax O&S champion turned out to be the body of Satun with a child’s personality. A multi faction collective spirited him off and explained the position of Erdraja and Satun and left any decisions up to him.
Party of good took place in the healers guild, much fun was had by all before they departed to heckle the party of evil in the game arena. Satun turned up for the party of evil and proceeded to mage bolt the attendants stating ‘you are not evil you are just chaotic!’.


A person (Ghoul) called ‘Boe Boe’ turned up and channelled form both the plain of life and that of unlife. All though it may be that it was his hammer channelling from the plain of life?. He claimed to be 2000 years old, carried to Erdraja by a flaming bird. His hammer was reportedly one of two keys to the under world and is apparently master crafted for the person who created the underworld. All channelling done by this Ghoul was instant, not the usual time required for such acts. He died at sun set when all damaged he had received that day apparently hit him at once.
The Wolves high ritualist plans a ritual to create a silver box to place wear creatures heads in to break their link with Darkmain. After a lot of persuasions from many people he dropped this idea and has decided to do some research on the subject first.
It Rained
O&S finished off their games

The ringmaster revealed he was the source of the dark carnival and killed Spittal
The mages guild underwent an expedition to a pocket plane of unlife to attempt to kill the Bastellus known as Desire, unfortunately they were betrayed by the Bastellus known as Betrayal. However some of her work was undone and no lives were lost as far as I am aware.
The mages guild decreed that it was going to put Erdreja first the factions second.
There was a meeting about the cataclysm
A new master Time was appointed

A pink dress went around the guild beguiling any one who touched it into wanting the dress more than anything else in Erdraja
The incanters saw a Death knight and thus touched each others shoulders and fell over this happened lots over and over again.
The mages guild opted out of the guild council to decrease the level of bureaucracy they had to deal with for no benefit. They stated they would help any other guild or faction with any problem as long as it was in the interests of Erdreja. There point was proven in a guild council meeting that lasted about two hours and achieved nothing.
The dark ringmaster was defeated and put in a box and this box was placed into a room that even Orcus would ‘have trouble’ getting into. The HG will remain the light carnival and covered by the ROP under the direction of Orcus.
There is a call to have a generic set of laws to cover all the meetings of people, the vipers are strongly opposed to this other factions are in favour, We can see this being the next gathering battle.
Prince Cadarn was begiled by the pink dress and had to be beaten unconscious by Aisla when he was told he could only have the dress if he got a bucket of silver and summoned Mordred, he later decreed any citizen could beat him unconscious if he is about to summon Mordred.
There was a game to end the games involving everyone in the town in which petrifies where dealt out liberally. Many tests on curing this where carried out. It seems the number of cure Fatal needed depends on how long before treatment started. to be on the safe side heal fatal all locations, after a counter magic on all locations with a sanctuary in place.
This is all we can think of at the moment and we apologise for the delay please write your reports stressing anything missed on this ASAP so we can get it tied up before the moots.