On The Creeds of Cymrija and Erin

Transcribed by Henry of Durfast

It is important for the reader of this treatise to realise this is only the first draft of this work and so probably neglects to mention a number of creeds of Cymrija and Erin. If you know of any creeds or ancestors which have been omitted please contact me and I will endeavour to add them to future drafts of this document.

Agape Lightstruck
A mighty Tuatha de Danon ritualist, died fighting the Knacht in Mullingar. His pattern was then eternally bound by the Tuatha into the Ritual Circle of Medb’s Ring to reopen it and protect it from Domnu’s power. His sacrifice released the souls of those innocents who had been slain by Domnu’s forces in the First War.

Amroth, Goddess of Honour and Glory
Was worshipped by the Tribe of Epona before their destruction by vampires and outlaws. One of three sisters Epona, Amroth and the Morrighan. Some members of the tribe are scattered about the lands although the total number is uncertain and they mainly seem to follow the Morrighan.

Arrawn, Lord of the Dead and King of Annwn
Resides in the Halls of the dead, which go by the same name. These halls are supposedly a land of wealth and plenty where the dead may engage all their desires, where the rivers flow with mead and those slain in battle arise afresh with each dawn. Also famed are Annwns hounds (Cu Annwn) which can be identified by their white colour and red ears. The Dark Dragons primarily worship Arawn, as part of this faith they engage in headhunting, preserving and displaying the heads of their enemies. In addition to following Arawn the Dark Dragons revere their past warriors and kings. The Dark Dragons are a tribe from the wild lands of southwestern Cymrija. Most of this tribe has in recent years left Cymrija to a Fae realm known as Dumnoni to do battle there, and thus their lands have been taken over by the Arth Gwyn tribe.

Artos Morla Face
A great warrior of the Dark Dragons.

Visionary and prophet of the Dragonspine mountains in Cymrija. Born in 614. Followers wear distinctive face paints although some follow Canafods example by putting out their own eyes so that they will experience clear visions.

Ceridwen the Crone
A Corn Goddess, representing fecundity in the otherworld. In this form She is worshipped as an aspect of Danu. She is also keeper of the cauldron in which inspiration and divine knowledge are kept. In this aspect She is worshipped by Bards. She is the mother of Taliesin after eating Gwion Bach in the form of a grain of corn.

Crom Cruach
The Devourer -The son of Domnu, Crom Cruach is the embodiment of destruction and decay. Crom Cruach demands human sacrifice by his followers. Not openly worshipped in Dragon lands.
His Avatar, Dion Vach, now walks the land after the former Knacht general sacrificed Ard Righ Ash’s child.
His power caused the extinction of the ancient people of Nemed, Nuada finally destroyed his hold on the Emerald Isle. The ancient spritual heart of worship was in Bogmoor in Leinster.

The All Father – Father of Danu and Domnu. Known for his wisdom and His plentiful cauldron which is said to be one of the four great treasures of Erin.

Danu is followed by many Dragons especially those of Erin including particularly the Tuatha De Dannan and the Paladins of Danu. She is the Goddess and Mother of the Tuatha De Dannan. As Anu the Druids of Erdreja worship Her. She is primarily worshipped as a mother goddess and protector although many revere her as a goddess with three aspects; Maiden, Mother and Crone. These aspects take many names but the most common in Dragon lands are Blodeuwedd or Rhiannon as the Maiden, Danu for their triumvirate and the mother aspect and Morrighan or Ceridwen as the crone.

The older sister and eternal enemy of Danu. The mother of the Fomor. Her avatar Medb (once Maeve the Seelie Queen) has returned to Erin with her army of Fomor, Firbolg and Knacht and has taken Donegal and Ulster from the Dragons. Knacht may be identified by a black stripe of war paints across their eyes.
The High Incantor of the Dragons, Uther the Black Hearted is a zealous adherent to her ways.

The Horse God – patron of horse breeders and trainers. Some fanatical followers of Equinus believe other Gods / Ancestors to be demons sent to corrupt the weak.

Worshipped by the Tribe of Epona as goddess of hearth and home and granted much of the aspects traditionally granted to Danu by other Dragons. The rest of the Dragons worship her as a horse goddess.

Herne the Hunter / Cernunnos the Lord of Animals
A God or spirit of nature and possibly the place of the Younger and Elder races within nature. Lord of the Wild Hunt. Creatures of the wild, the Wild Elves and some forest dwellers follow Herne. While war reached its climax in Ulster, a group of brave Dragons followed Mill to the Gods tree prison. Their they washed away his blindness and returned him to the land.

Hugh Gosennydd
The founder of Cymrija from the tribal wilderness which existed before. The late Owain Caradog was the last descendant in direct line from this hero. His golden Dragon Armour, his Dragon Shield and his sword known as the Dragon Sword are great artefacts that have been recovered over the past years.

Iveron Nevelly
A warrior of the Clan Na Bascna who was dragged into a rift, to the realms of the unliving during a battle to defend the stones necessary to close the rift during the Dragon Moot of 1096. His spirit was called up by Jafar the Druid and ritualist of the Clan Na Bascna and he agreed to enter a stone to aid the clans ritualist in his magic. Iveron is but one of the ancient heroes remembered and revered by the Clan Na Bascna.

King Groni
The first ruler of the Dark Dragons, renowned as the Uniter of The Clans.

King Jargo ap Groni
The son of king Groni of the Dark Dragons.

The Duke of Dal Riada before his death in 1096. He was the Master of the Paladins of Danu, however he become too involved in learning the way of being a paladin and forgot that learning the lessons was not enough, a paladin has to embody the virtues of Danu. This accompanied by his marriage to Lady Alish O’Donnovan caused strife between him and the God King, Lord Fig and culminated in a duel between the two in which he broke his word and slew Fig with the spear of the Morrighan and was himself slain by the spear as he struck the death blow. Despite this he is revered by the people of Dal Riada such as the Clan Na Bascna.

Raised by Mannanan Mac Lir. Child of Balor lord of the Fomor and his mother was a member of the Tuatha De Dannan. Lugh killed Balor either with his great spear or by a slingshot through the eye, Balor has returned to Erin after the Warband of Erin mistakenly assembled an artefact believed by some to be His eye. Lughs magical weapons and armour were given to Him by Mannanan Mac Lir including His spear, which was one of the four treasures of Erin. Lugh was known for His skill at a multitude of different arts. Followed by the Knights of Lugh.

Manannan (Mannan) Mac Lyr
A god of many aspects including: The Sea, Mysteries and Magic. Followed by the Sword Dancers of Mannan. An Ancestor of the Nemedians he was instrumental in binding Yr Ddraig to make Time and Space.

Nuada of the Silver Hand (Arm)
A great king and Warrior of the Tuatha De Dannan during the first war against Domnu. His sword is one of the four treasures of Erin. The greatest foe of Crom Cruach.

A hero of the Tuatha – associated with the sun and with knowledge. Credited with the invention of the Ogham script used by the Druid and followers of the old ways in Cymrija and Erin.

Rufus the Thief
Stole the great spear Caladwch from Artos and was forced to wear a black spear upon his face in addition to the black stripe across the eyes. Worn by all Dark Dragons to signify his theft.

The Goddess Steel is worshipped my many of the Morghun Family. Steel is revered as a goddess both of peace and war as steel is used in ploughs and tools in peace time, and weapons and armour in times of war.

Tegid ap Groni
Tegid ap Groni was the king of the Dark Dragons after the death of his brother Jargo. Tegid was as poor a King as he was insane and was finally slain by Gwyn one of King Groni’s men who became king after Tegids death.

The God King
The spiritual embodiment of the Kings of Erin. The last God King to appear physically in this capacity was Lord Fig. Lord Fig was slain in a duel with Baron Lachlan the then leader of the Paladins of Danu when Lachlan invoked the power of the Spear of the Morrighan thus killing both himself and Lord Fig.

The Morrighan
Goddess of Bloodshed Destruction and Vengeance. She is also the guide of the spirits of the dead to the Halls of Annwn. Revered particularly by the Tribe of Epona as one of three sisters and more commonly as an aspect of Danu. Some of the Paladins of Danu follow this aspect. A chaotic and capricious and violent ancestor. I myself have had the honour of seeing a vision of this ancestor after her High Priestess, Lady Ishtar was slain at Edgewood. She appears as a beautiful red haired woman dressed in armour and with a terrible aspect to her gaze. Since her death some Incantors have begun to invoke the name of Lady Ishtar with their blessings

Totemic Spirits
A very few in the Dragon Nation, notably the tribe of Caer Dannon, believe in totemic spirits. Each person is supposed to have its own totem spirit which protects in specifically. However all totem spirits look after each living thing to some extent. This belief is not strictly a belief in ancestors and those which believe in such spirits believe they transcend the ancestors and indeed many follow ancestors as well believing in the protection of totem spirits. This belief is held by the Cymrijan Order of Thelwolf.

Yr Ddraig, The Dragon
The eldest of the Dragons who agreed with the Fey to be transformed into the world , thus creating the physical world and the otherworld. Worshipped primarily in Cymrija.