An Open Letter to the Lions

The the people of the Lions:

The Watchers of Erdreja exist to serve and safeguard the Egg and do so alongside The Great Library. They are joined in this by the Guilds of Erdreja who are in place to strengthen and defend the Egg and those who reside upon it.

An attack against the Watchers or the Great Library is seen as an attack against the Guilds and the Egg itself and we will not hesitate to stand against those who would bring their wrath to our door and stand with those who seek a stronger Erdreja.

The attack you committed against the Watcher at you campaign and the threats you made show a clear lack of respect and forethought and as such you are to be reminded that this will not stand.

From this moment you can choose to move forward and learn from your mistakes or wallow in your ignorance, but remember you choices have consequences. Make those choices wisely.