Notice from the Sheriffs of Albion

The criminal known as ‘Katherine Castles’ has been apprehended. After over a year of managing to avoid capture by the Sheriffs, she decided to visit the Harts Camp at the Great Erdrejan Fayre. Upon heading towards the Harts Camp, she began hurling abuse in the direction of a detachment of Harts led by Sir Brandon & Lord Wyndrake. Sir Brandon took immediate umbridge to the insults against our Queen, and Lord Wyndrake, recognising the filth, suggested that the lady and her companion be escorted back to the camp.

Upon investigation, it was ascertained that ‘Katherine Castles’ was in fact a milkmaid named Jane Smith, who had fallen under the arcane influence of a mysterious stone – this stone was revealed to be the Illusion Stone,  one of the stones being sought by the Marchwood Demons.

Jane Smith and her companion were mind-healed, and released into the care of Lord Wyndrake’s staff for observation.

The Office of the Sheriffs of Albion request and require that you remain vigilant, and keep your eyes out for anything untoward. If you know someone who has come across a strange artefact recently, and has begun to behave somewhat oddly, notify your local Sheriff immediately.

Current Sheriffs are:

Wyndrake Winterheart, Earl of Carlisle

Alyssa Tregoran, Captain, of the Cornwall Guard

Dagos Thorne, Lieutenant, of the Crows of Albion

Joseph Stone, of the Order of the Pendragon

Mandrake Briarwood, of the Company of the Blackened Staff