The Loss of the Kingsword

When we met upon the Isle of Haven for the Great Erdrejan Fayre, we were once more confronted by the Marchwood Demons.

They hailed the gate, intent on taking the gateway stones which they seek in order to open the Marchwood Hellmouth.

Wyndrake Winterheart spoke with them, and told them “We haven’t got any stones here, and if we did, we wouldn’t give them to you.”

The speaker for the demons promptly mage-bolted him in the face, and exclaimed “Well, we’ll take something else then.”

In the ensuing battle, the knight wielding Excalibur was dropped. One of the demons took the sword and teleported away.

On hearing this, Isaac Hulce, Lord Counsel of Albion, led a band of Harts at full pelt to the nearest transport circle in order to get the sword back.

On approach, the circle seemed empty. The Lord Counsel, believing the demon to have already transported away, performed what can only be described as a sliding-tackle transport trace.

According to eye-witnesses, it was a spectacular feat of epic heroism, with one witness claiming “Isaac looked like a total shining badass, with his silver locks flowing in the wind, as he launched himself through the air!”

Luckily, or unluckily, the demon then appeared in the circle and proceeded to artefact the band of heroes with the stolen sword.

Rallying and defeating the demon, the sword was rescued, and just in time to hand it to the Queen’s Champion, Sir Charlie, who was passing the transport circle.

Alas, the demons managed to take it once more, and once more Lord Isaac led his heroic Kingsword band to the circle.

This venture was less successful, alas, and the demons were able to transport away with the sword.

Thanks to a passing party of Bears we know where the sword is – Clan McAylwyn performed a swift trace transport.

We know that the sword has been taken to the Marchwood Circle. We know too that Marchwood is currently demon central, and a rescue mission would be suicide.

More on this story as it develops.