Keswick: Early May 1123

Scouting report brought to Ser Graf at the first Moot 1123

The death of the King at the hands of Mordred and the sacking of Havoc by the forces of Mordred has left the citizens in a bad way. Winter festival failed to raise the spirits, the mild winter did for a time as the normal deep snows never came. The low morale has had an effect on those who would join the duchy battalion and the shefiff’s rangers and scout’s offices leaving vital positions empty. The mid winter has had the effect of higher-than-normal supply levels and trade coming into the duchy from the rest of Albion. Supplies have been higher even with people feeling from the Barony of Havoc as Mordred continues his occupation.

There has been an increase in those who follow the ancestor visiting the sacred places after the capture of the avatars and the death of Dame Mellyor at the hands of the Turn-Key Court. Some refugees have made their way to Keswick from Oxford.

Those in the North and West of the duchy have seen little in raider and bandit activity over the winter, even with lower-than-normal snow falls in the high ground.