Albion: Early May 1123

Scouting reports brought to nobles at court

Except for Oxford and Havoc, life in Albion has gone on after the death of the King and Dame Mellyor. While the nation put their grief on show for all to see regarding the King, it was short lived. The outpouring at the death of Dame Mellyor was altogether different and has carried on for longer. Followers of all ancestors in Albion have felt the pain and grief caused by her death at the hands of the Turnkey Court. Supplies, good and foods are available but not in large amounts, even Winchester and York are keeping a close eye on things. Mostly a resul of large numbers of people travel to sites or places sacred to the ancestors and not just in their own duchy. Worst his has been Keswick, the situation in Havoc has not helped. Keswick will need to be helped and watched to stop it sliding further down the road to Chaos.

Since the proclamation of Cara as Queen, and the death of Dame Mellyor, the land and the spirit seem to be in a state of change. The land and the spirit seem to be getting wyld at present, this is a slow change with only one or two things to start. With the exception of Gloucester. The wyld is not the same as when Calligar consumed the land and the creatures, nor is it staying in line with the strict line of law folloed and portrayed by the late King, but one that has a slight hint of Chaos.

Where people feel they are unable to help their fellow Albiones or things change for the better or worse, the do want to help. Some have called for rites to be performed, or even a ritual.