How the Baron of Dreams Found his Muse

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This is a full and accurate retelling of how the
most generous and erudite minds of our
generation came to uncover sights of which
others have only heard whispers, paving the
way to make him the loved and desired man he
is today. Read in awe, gentle reader, to the tale
as recounted by the great master himself.

His journey began when he was young, in the
eye of summer, lands covered by golden fields.
This was most well-known part of the kingdom,
where great knowledge was kept and creative
efforts were born. Our young master believed
he was destined for greatness, and promised
the world he would become part of history. He
set forth on his expedition southwards, with
only rumours of a great secret to guide him. He
quested down the throat of the world, striding
along a mountain range and into the valley
below about which mountains rise into the
clouds, the peaks lost in the haze of the air.
Many would have tarried there, losing their
selves in that sunny vale, but the General of our
Hearts dreams far bigger.

He journeyed on, across the great desolate
plains, skirting the pitfall that has claimed many
before, and eventually reaching the lush jungles
that were told of in song and verse. He knew
the end to his quest lay within, and being more
the man than all others he knew he would
succeed. Others had been unable to find their
destination even with a map, so Mr Morgan did
not try, instead relying on the power of his own

He hunted for many days and nights, almost
giving up hope, fearing for scant moments that

he might need to turn back, to claim that the
fabled place did not exist.
But finally, at the head of a ravine, he found it,
the source of his success, proof that the legends
were true. What exactly he found that day has
never been revealed in full, but the Baron of
Dreams returned from that place with his head
held high, a spring in his step, and purpose in his
thoughts. Since then he has helped many find
that mystical place, and credits his grand journey
as one of the true foundations of his business

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dreams just be dreams. Even the soggier ones.