Forthcoming attractions!

The Tease is pleased to announce that the
Gathering of Nations will see a second Orcish
poetry slam. Our cultured and arts-aware
readers will doubtless recall the first of these
events last year, which notably took place
without a single fatality.

Mr Karl Morgan, a well-known patron of the arts
and aficionado of all things unusual and creative,
is expected to be in attendance. Verse and/or
prose from all non-human creators is sought,
and artistes are encouraged to perform their
own work.
The venue is expected, as before, to be the
Bards’ Guild. Watch there for date and time
announcements — or speak to Quex in the Cream
Tease, who is once more the organiser, and
whose popular if idiosyncratic verse has become
celebrated throughout Erdreja.

((Who are you calling an idiot, Mr Morgan? Q.))
((That’s not what idiosyncratic means, Quex.
Look it up. KM.))