House deGales

coa_degalesBased: Barony of Durham (in
the County of Lincoln and the Duchy
of York)
Heraldry: Per pale, red and black,
divided by a white sword, point down
Leader: Sir Percival deGales,
Baron Londinium


“The history of our house has been lost
in the mists of time, of legend and in the enchantment,
but we know this. We remember Albion from the
time of Arthur, of the knights, the quests and
the beasts. We remember the betrayal and the move
to the new seat. We remember the dark times that
came and Camlann.

It was in the mists that shrouded that bloodied
battle that we became lost. It was in Avalon that
we struggled and strived and that families came
to us for our protection, sweaing vassalage as
they did. And it was in Avalon that when the Nosta
Ka came we joined with the Lions, then masters
of the land, to protect those we were charged
to. However Avalon was lost us in that war, but
not before we had rediscovered Albion.

So when the Lions left Avalon and went to Lantia
we did not stay with them. Our roots are buried
elsewhere, in Albion and it’s mists. Here is where
our histories are, our glories and our dreams.
We are sworn to the land, an ancient faeire house
bound to land and throne, loyal still after all
these years, sworn to serve for time immortal.”

Sir Percival deGales,
Baron Londinium

Royal Seneschal and former head of House deGales

Spring 1105

Sir Percival deGales retook leadership of the
House in the Spring of 1105 after the assassination
of his sister – Lady Prudence deGales-Falcon,
Baroness Durham – at the hands of Empire.

Library Archivist
Spring 1105