House Falcon

coa_falconBased: Barony of Chelmsford
(in the County of Warwick and the Duchy
of York)
Heraldry: The blue falcon on
a black (sable) field.
Leader: Elizabeth Falcon


The noble household was founded in the 7th Century
AF during the reign of Arthur II as a knightly
order sworn to protect the north-eastern marches
of the land of Albion. The founder was given the
name and title ‘Falcon’ after a great
quest and battle. To this day the ‘Falcon’
bloodline is served by the minor noble families
that formed the knighthood. Over the proceeding
years many of the younger and elder races have
found shelter, joy and common cause under the
banner of the Falcon.

The significance of the “Falcon” or
“Hawk” remains something of a mystery,
although many stories have been told in the Great
Hall of Warwick Castle whose sources suggest that
the Hawk was one of the first tribes of Albion.

House Falcon today is a traditional Albione household
based, as then, in the Duchy of York. The household
swore allegiance to the Queen and Country at the
Gathering of Nations 1101AF after returning from

House Falcon channel ancestral power and strength
from Cathol, the original Lord Falcon and also
pay allegiance to the Mother, who House Falcon
refer to as “Elysia”, Mother of Cathol,
who was once an embodiment of one of the Mother’s

Lord Robert Falcon brought the family back to
Albion in 1101AF and was made Duke of York in
1102AF. Lady Madelaine Falcon became the leader
of the House and was made Duchess after his death
in the winter of 1103AF. She holds the House for
their two daughters Eleanor and Bethany.

House Falcon fervently believe that the land
and the people are one and that only by standing
firm and working together, as a single entity
with honour and dignity, will we better ourselves,
our causes and our nation

Thomas Aske Esquire
Scribe and Historian to Her Grace, Lady
Madelaine Falcon
Summer 1105