Heroic Hugo

A Bard of Albion

‘Heroic Hugo!’ cry the bards
‘Righting every wrong!
Heroic Hugo, drinking wine
And revelling in song!’

Hugo, Prince of Albion,
Defending all the free,
Lord Warden of the Eastern March
And drinker of much tea,
Army Marshal staunch and bold
Unyielding in the fight:
General all-round decent chap,
Albion’s favourite knight.

Hugo, fond of Muscatel,
Is always stout and able,
Except, of course when he is found
Underneath the table,
You’ll trace him by the scattered clothes
And sundry tools of war,
You’ll find him singing lustily
In a puddle on the floor.

He never blenches in the fight,
He’s never overawed:
Once demons came and broke his legs
But still he waved his sword.
He urged the Harts on in the fight
Though he was drenched with blood,
He roared instructions to his hosts
Whilst sitting in the mud.

Hugo, friend of minstrelsy,
Defends our right to sing:
No wonder there are some who think
That Hugo should be King:
Tiberias always interrupts,
We think it is outrageous,
But Hugo says our music makes

His armies more courageous.
He calls for mages and for knights
His minstrels to defend!
‘Heroic Hugo!’ thus we sing
And on our knees we bend,
We’ll sing all day as Albion’s hosts
Fight fiends from darkest hell,
Then join him, soggy to the gills,
Drunk on Muscatel.