Paperwork found on dead ritualists on the outskirts of the Greenwood, 1110


You are doing the right thing – the Harts, the nobles and court of Albion have strayed from the path of the Trickster. Too much have they given themselves to the law, to duty and honour. They cleave too firmly to the path of the Alpha and of the Consort, binding the Hunter to the rigid iron rule of the Pendragon. The Order of the Stag, Hunter’s “noble” knights gather together like a frightened gang of children, unwilling to break from the norm, from the correct. They are BLIND and must once more SEE – they must learn, or they will be TAUGHT.

If this continues the Trickster will weaken and with him the Hunter. They do not know what they do – but they are killing him with their walls and their laws and their arrogance. Their civilisation is killing their ancestor and they do not even KNOW it.

You are a brave and upright man, and your companions stand forth as the light which all will follow. Go to the ground I pointed out to you this past month and perform this rite. It shall empower the Trickster and prevent the tragedy that the Harts are bringing upon us.

Yours in faith.

Call out your praise to the Trickster.
Describe how you came by your kill.
Dedicate your kill to his power.
Describe your faith.
Dedicate your faith to his power.
Show him the weakness of the Harts.
Dedicate your anger to his power.
Let him know your stock, where you came from.
Dedicate your blood to his power.