Catchgleam recites the prophesies of ‘Three’ Toms

This am all happen on Sunday night, when we am in Ruin, and am sitting around being lazy. And Three Toms am come visiting. He am tell fortune for Mistletoe, who am walking through nice country fields – it am very nice, except for singing birds, cause Mistletoe am not sing all that well. There am big storm, and he am get close to village, which am full of dead people, but they am not food because they am walking.

Three Toms am had dreamed of green and white antlers, so Lady Kat am tell us to take him to see Hunters and write lots of things down, and Catchgleam am do that. Three Toms am only person what am talk even more than Peregrine am, though Peregrine am probably beat him on good day, but Three Toms am ramble more. Three Toms am had dreamed of going somewhere, and am want to talk to Hunters to find out where they am want to go.

Morgannyn (Morgania) am say that he am want to go to the Chapel Perilous, and I are not think that this am sound like good idea, but then Morgannyn am get stracted and talk about marsh near Ely instead. He am point to it on map and everything, and Three Toms am know which marsh he am mean. Three Toms am come from lots of places, and am got lots of pasts, but I are not know whether they am all his or whether he am steal them.

Her who am live in marsh with floating islands in am not like Three Toms, she am tell him to go away. There am nasty things what am live there, and she am got nice brother who am live there too. When I are tell the story to Lady Kat, she am say that Her am probably Sycorax, who am living in brackets, but then she am say that Her am not after all. She am Mother, and her brother am Father, they am Sister and Brother. Three Toms am take awhile to find floating islands in marsh, but am take people there in couple of months.

Then lady Rhian am give worms – Three Toms am like worm. It am only made of chocolate, not worm, so it am not all that nice, but you am got to make lowances for monkeys. Three Toms am tell story of how he am only not got body till a year ago – he am member LOTS of things. He am not been to island since he am got body back, and when he am not got body he am not come back for tea, which am good thing partly because it am not part of native culture to make tea, and bad thing partly because Three Toms am still like worms. He am say that he am floating over ruins of Cair Cadarn – which am not same ruin we am staying in – and something am go POOF and he am got body, which am not really all that good idea, because it am then hit the ground hard.

Then Three Toms am get given Concoction, which am drink made by Holly, and am get fused and lose track for a moment. He am get very interested in how people am get put back together, and am try to find someone who am sure that they am can put Three Toms back together, but no-one am sure, which am probably good thing because we am find out later that it am likely no-one am can. Three Toms am demonstrate how he am transport, and he am take Holly with him, and it am really annoying trying to find him again.

Three Toms am tell fortune for pretty shiny flutterlady – he am ask her to hold little bowl, and am pour water into it, and both of them am swirl it, but not too hard, because there am only so much swirl in it. He am see her at stone circle, with stones all around, and am hear crashing noise in the woods. Shiny lady am all alone, and suddenly brown and green demons am come out of the woods! They am want to get home, and shiny lady am standing in their way.

Three Toms am say Harts am never have good fortunes, except for Catchgleam. Here we am get attacked by dead leaves, so Three Toms am go off again, and shiny lady am get hurt but am get better. Catchgleam am run away, and am find Three Toms again after dead leaves am all killeded.

Mistletoe am get clever idea when Three Toms am ask him about fixing people, and am scover that Three Toms am got magical life pattern, so he am dash off to tell portant people, who am send Cawd to look and make sure stupid robin am know what he am talking about. Three Toms am like port and comfy chairs, and worm too, but not so much as chilli and garlic stew. Cawd am say that Three Toms am very magic, and am probably hard to fix.

Three Toms am want to know bout what am cantor, so some people am spend time asking silly questions, and we are decide that Three Toms am seer and am probably mage but am not cantor, and am fused too. Then he am tell story bout how Tom am lose body. Three Toms am see Cair Cadarn built. There am people in ruins, and someone am poke him, so he am fall out of sky.

People am making others fall out of sky on Wednesday, so be careful.

Three Toms am sitting in cave looking into fire so he am see pictures of the future, or sometimes the past. Stones am work too, though I are not sure how they are swirl. Eclipse am say that Three Toms am need to meet someone who am divine with stones, and am say ‘Follow me’ and disappear. We am try to follow him but he am wander off. Some people am got tasty-looking dead thing with lots of eyeballs, and am arguing about whether it am beholder or not, but parently it are need all its eyeballs even though it am dead.

Corvus Hurrock am getting future told, and Three Toms am say that water am work best. He am promise to troduce me to his sister Monedula, even though she am not pretty lady jackdaw. We am seen Corvus walking in nice country, and am walking toward village. Catchgleam am know how this one am finish, so I are not write it down again.

I are forgot to say that there am lightning lighting up everything. Catchgleam am wrong, there am green and brown demons not dead monkeys.

Deirdre, who am red and white, even though she am not look like it, am show us to find someone, but I are forget who. Three Toms am tell fortune for little lord in red and white, but am get fused and am look at past instead, and since little lord am asking whether he am successful in next battle, Three Toms am see little lord winning LAST battle, and little lord am die horribly. Poor little lord. New little lord, who am son of little lord, am say to Three Toms ‘You am exiled’ and he am go to circle and appear in other circle, with blood EVERYWHERE, and people sackerficing. When Three Toms am appear, he am come back with friend Wingol, who am small but am then really really really big, and am take healing when he am hit.

Little lord in red and white am not like Wingol, and am brick him up beneath castle and behind guards, but he am forget about guards, so they am stay there and am not change, and am turn into nasty things what am got really big teeth and am drink blood, and am forget why they am there.

New little lord, who am very thin, (Benedict?) am drive guards out, and Wingol am get really really old and thin, and am break out because no-one am there to give him healing. There am short beastkin there, who am fought with Little Lord. Peas am say later that this am the Last Hunt, and then the Grater Council, and then Three Toms am lose Wingol when he am head off into forest. Wingol am not happy person, and am only say Er and wave hands around and hit people, because he are not like people because they am hit him. He am go with forests and marshes.

Three Toms am only lose body when he am exiled into the circle. Three Toms am upset to hear that Nicholas who am Phoenix am dead. Poor Nicholas. Lady Madeleine am busy with very little person too, and Three Toms am only ever have one fortune told for him. Stones and smoke are work too, and it am all about swirling. Entrails am tasty. Three Toms am cough lots. Story am not finished before Wingol am come back.

It am not good idea to tell own future, because seeing own death am bad.

Charlotte am maybe there when Wingol am leave dungeon. It am year or two after throw out guard who am peered in circle. Var am there, but am not want to talk about it.

Three Toms am talk to Magganine again who am ask about others who am in swamp. There am village there, and big fields, on island in middle, and there am other island which am got nasty things on. Three Toms am need talk to Wingol again.

William Brand am talk to Three Toms, but am not get fortune told. Then Three Toms am talk to Pardong, of Zeecardinalsguards, who am own this garden that am in ruin. Sagramor am really shiny, but am not nice, and Three Toms am go to Tristan and say ‘Hello’ and Tristan am look at Three Toms and say ‘Goodbye’. There am big portant lord who am got tea-towel on head, who am have to ask funkey who he am. Three Toms am also talk to tigers, who am not want to be cats, but Catchgleam am not fooled. Three Toms am also talk to Osric, who am say three times that he am Deputy High Mage now, but am not know what Mists am or where they am. Mists am get made by big battle, where there am lots magic too much, and it am maybe not called Albion then. Tristan am got better and we am not sit on him no more.

Three Toms am talk to Rhian, who am really tall cantor, but am not want to answer anything, and am keep sending Three Toms off to ask someone else, and I are think she am probably not know. Someone am say that cantor am strong thief who am steal power from ancestors.

Circle that Three Toms am got to, which am covered in blood, am new circle. Wingol am only very little when first come with Three Toms, but am now BIGGGGGGGGG. Var am probably ashamed that he am hit Wingol. Rhian am have vision of circle filled with blood, and it am very powerful wrong magic. that am years ago, Three Toms am say. It am not happen again.

There am lots of lights and bangs in sky, which am mean new circle am made. Three Toms am talk to person who am not samurowl, and to dark elf who am definitely not drow, but they am have to wander off to ritual circle.

Vermello Pray-to-becca (though I are not know who she am) of House Pray-to-becca am have fortune told. Am in country and having nice time. Catchgleam am upset cause pen am die here, so he am writing with pencil in dark, and I are not see what I are writing, so I are not totally sure what this bit am say. He are walking toward village and it am getting dark, then there am mob with scythes. Catchgleam are say ‘Am they got flaming torches too?’ and Three Toms am say ‘Yes, you am clever jackdaw, they am got flaming torches too, you am foretelling the future’. They am also got measles.

Because person who am not samurowl am take other person off to ritual circle, Three Toms am not able to finish telling fortune, so pretty lady called Celery am take over. There am fields, with pretty red and white flowers, and she am wander into woods. There am white glint in bracken, and it am all start standing up – it am made of weeds and bracken, and it am got big club made of bone, and it am chasing pretty lady, but it am only able to shamble, and she am run, so she am be safe behind gates of big town.

Then wind am pick up, and it am swirl bracken and dead leaves over walls, and town am break. Poor town.

Older York (any ideas?) am made Wingol angry. Older York am made new BIG circle, full of blood, cause he am want to rule lots pf places. Three Toms am stop him. Thrilidion, who am pet neck-romancer, and not like Toms and am tell him to go away and am kick him.

Three Toms am talk to Genevieve, and am ask about green demon lady, even though I are tell him that demons am dangerous and it am not good to get too close, and he am not find green demon lady, so that am alright.

John Blackthorn am have future told too. He am in circle, and there am red demons this time.

Then Quicksilver am come in, and I are reassure Three Toms that that am not demon, that am just magpie, and Quicksilver am have fortune told. I are warn her that it am mostly death and demons and things, and she am say ‘Oh, it am probably accurate, then’, but there am no demons at all. There am red army, and red army am hit gold army on field of gold that am become red with blood, and red army am win, but there am two knights of death in front of little temple. It am take long time, but the knights am break. Poor knights.

Commander of red army am go into temple, and am find single red rose on altar, so Quicksilver am have only other happy fortune in Harts, and Three Toms am leave to find Wingol, after I are make him promise to bring Wingol back for tea.