The Battle of 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard


On Sunday, the Wolves gave the Vipers an ultimatum that if they did not retire from Norsca by 11 O’clock that night then a state of war would exist. Even if the Vipers wished to withdraw, this may have been a little difficult due to their very limited Naval capacity as the invasion forces would have to be retired across the Grey Sea. This problem seems to have eluded both sides where good quality maps are at a premium. War was declared. The Harts immediately supported the Wolves in not wanting to see any change in the traditional borders.

COUNCIL OF WAR (25th August 1096 AF)

The Council of War was hosted by the Harts in the Hunters Command Tent. Refreshments were freely flowing.
The Harts present during the Council were Lord Calin who left for Guard Duty at midnight; Duke Tarragon who took charge of the meeting; General Tarn of the Harts Armies; Lord Marshal Hugo Charenten and Sir Huw de Grognard as the Cartographer.
The Lions sent Jaddvor Erland.

The Wolves sent Gmt of the Fellowship, Gunnar of the Riggers and Aleda of the Fellowship.The Gryphons sent Timothy de Wilfsbane and Nicholas St. PaulThe Unicorns sent Feltcher, Damaroth Thorn and Manthar of the Hoc. Our opponents were taking the field mainly in support of the Viper’s claims upon Norsca. The Bears and Dragons had signed a binding mutual support treaty. The Tarantulas would likely take the field against Wolves over the Rift Stone that had been stolen by the Fellowship from House Gereshen.
Duke Tarragon chaired the meeting that swiftly came to the conclusion that they were there to decide where each faction was to deploy. The precise tactics used would depend upon the deployment of the opponents. The returns from each faction was taken and this was used to decide the deployment. The Gryphons and the Lions would be placed in the reserve and so counter the threat from the Tarantulas. The Unicorns and Wolves would take the hill crest while the Harts would be deployed upon the slope. There was much concern from all factions about dealing with the Dragon Column. The factions agreed that it would be for each of them to hold the column while the others came and destroyed it. I pointed out the perils of the various methods that were proposed and everyone clearly understood the idea of stopping the momentum of such a column. The meeting finished just after midnight. This was the shortest War Council that any had attended. There was an air of confidence that we had the measure of our enemy upon the field.

The Harts War Council were unaware that the Commander of the Centre had resigned as the protector of the Karlennon Household. The misunderstandings were swiftly resolved. In the meantime Baron Tiamat and the Wolverines had been offered a princely sum of 12 Gold by Lord Wraith to fight for the Bears. This he refused and Baron Tiamat was able to show his ability upon the field of battle with the Harts.

Harts Commanders
Left Flank – Lord General Calin
Elves – Amion SolitaireLeft – General Tarn and Chief Thruddite? of the SlayersCentre – Baron TiamatRight – Tamerlaine KhanReserve – Captain Finn McKinnon with Duke Tarragon, Maelin McKinnon and the Dark Sun under his command.Harts marched off in order of battle as supervised by Sir Huw.

The Wolves from Orkneyjar were joined by the Bear Orkneyjar Folk before the battle between the two opposing armies. Both the Bears and the Wolves from Orkneyjar agreed to fight alongside the people from their own factions. However, they would not fight each other in the event that they met upon the field.

Halrin du Roos was knighted for his valour as he had shown at the Moots when fighting against great odds.

Matron Mother Dallashandra of House Velldrin’qu’ellar of the Tarantulas tried to take upon the field the death rug. Seeing this Floris Brand and Violet destroyed it.

The Left had the Harts deployed with the Watchers of Darkwood, the Steppe Alliance, Roche Bruin, the Slayers, the Elves and the Hunters/Beastmen supported by lighter troops from right to left. The strong reserve was led by Captain Finn McKinnon
The Centre on crest was the Wolves.The Right was the Unicorns.The Reserve was placed behind the Wolves in two lines. The first was the Gryphons then the Lions. These were to cover any threat from the Tarantulas. It was unknown where the Tarantulas were until the start of the battle.


The Bears, Dragons and Vipers took the field apparently without the support of the Tarantulas, but there was hint that they would attempt to join them in some surprise move later in the battle. Initially the enemy was thought to be outnumbered, and consequently would decide upon offensive action. However, when I accompanied Lady Celyn to survey the enemy battle lines the numbers seemed balanced.
The Centre was made up of the Old Invincibles of the Bears formed behind Slieve Galleon of the Dragons. The Dragons were split into four talons. The plan was for the centre to feint charge the Wolves. Then while these held the line against the shield wall, the two talons behind the Bears would thread through the lines to attack. The left flank was covered mainly by the Bears, led by Lord Wraith, who intended to charge the opponent’s line and try to punch through. Then they would move round to attack the reserves.
The right flank was covered by the Vipers and the fourth Dragons talon. Extreme Right flank at the bottom of the hill was the Tarantulas.

Sir Huw called all the commanders together for this important meeting. Lord Calin of the Harts with advice from Duke Tarragon and General Tarn informed those present that the Harts would wheel and attack the flank of the Vipers. Meanwhile the Wolves and Unicorns would advance with the assurance that the Harts would keep up with them. The Lions and the Specials from the Gryphons were sent to the left of the Harts to face the Drow that was advancing upon the Harts left.

This rain made any archery useless. This was sorely felt by the Harts and the Tarantulas. The battle started with the skirmishers led by the Lobotomy Tribe of the Viper charging the Wolves. These were slain and the Wolves Walked over them. A few moments later the Goblins got up and attacked the second line made up of the Gryphons. After much fighting these were finally vanquished. The centre and wings moved at a walking pace towards the Wolves and halted a few paces from them. The pole-arms of the Old Invincibles made short work of the Fellowship of the Full Moon.

Harts performed a right wheel upon the Oak Tree beyond the Quarry at the trot and then immediately charged into the flank and rear of the Vipers and the Dragons before they could react. This was of such ferocity that it cut through to our Allies.

On the left flank, the Bears were able to penetrate through the lines of the Unicorns. The Bears rallied and were unable to exploit their advantage as the rest of the battle had caused their support from the Dragons to be diverted elsewhere.

Most casualties seemed to be caused when the Harts hit the Wolves and the Unicorns coming the other way. This took a little time to separate due to the Battle rage of the those involved. The intervention of Sir Huw, Sir Hugo, Baron Tiamat and General Tarn was invaluable at this time.

The Tarantulas despite fighting up hill against the Lions were at the point of routing the enemy on a number of occasions. The Watchers of Darkwood were dispatched by Lord Calin to give support to the very hard pressed Lions. This was after I had been able to point this out to a battle enraged High Elf by shouting “Drow, Drow Drow.” These were soon followed by the Hunters led by Lord Calin and other Elves from the Harts with the Mongols in reserve. The Drow had fought with great fortitude and longer than their erstwhile Allies. These were supported by this time by the remnants of the Vipers led by King Gustav. Over three quarters of the Tarantulas were left upon the field.

By the time battle was restarted, the Harts had cut through the enemy right flank, and was to their rear. The Bears had pushed through the Wolves to their front, but soon had enemy to their rear. The Old Invincibles and a significant proportion of the Dragons formed a schiltron (square) and made a desperate stand. The Bears and the Vipers were shattered into small units. The forces faced off against each other for some substantial time and the two sides moved against each other. Another desperate stand against the Wolves was made by the first Dragon column, led by Eomear. This contained the Morghuns that had been able to pin the Wolves as first planned by pulling up their charge a short distance away from them.

The Hunters close to Lady Elspeth capture Lord Wraith of the Bears. The Bears of the left flank became isolated and effectively took no further part in the battle. Despite being under guard and the care of Lady Celyn, Mangus Magnusson insisted in making sure that his Lord was still alive. Through some magic he teleported Lord Wraith away from right in front of me. Lord Wraith left all his enchanted weapons.

Walking just in front of me was Fitz when I realised that we were surrounded by Dragons. I whispered into his ear and he immediately started to wield his swords with great effect as I continuously enchanted healing into him.

Lord Arcane with his bodyguard were faced by the Bacchus Bastards led by Pelleas of the Knights of Laen. By the use of their incantations they were able to repel his guard and hence captured him. At this the centre of the enemy army started to withdraw and fragment especially the Dragons. When he was introduced to Lady Karlennon by Rhiannon Deadwood, Lord Arcane surrendered the field of battle to the Harts and their Allies.

Through hard fighting Roche Bruin were able to confront the Paladins of Danu led by Lord Ash and after very fierce fighting he was captured. Both Lord Arcane and Lord Ash acknowledged with good grace the field of battle to the Harts, Wolves, Unicorns and Gryphons. The remnants of the Dragons were allowed to march off with honour carrying their arms.

Many forced their way through the thinly scattered forces of the Harts into the original enemy left rear. As they pulled back towards the left flank of the battlefield, Thomas Finn approached Sir Hugo Charenten and asked his permission for the remnants of the Bears to leave the field with their arms peacefully. This he granted on behalf of the Harts. Both sides realised that the field was ours as the Bears had given up hope of carrying the day. Few in the Bears had suffered in the fighting but had become dispersed upon the onslaught in the rear from the Harts.

The battle raged, the Warmaster of the Tarantulas, Chazymyr fought through a unit of the Lions to get to Talistar whom he felled with many blows. Only the quick reaction of the rest of the Hunters saved his life. Chazymyr was captured by Jaddvor Erland and the Prince Bishops men after going down under a reign of enchanted blows after topping Talistar. He is currently held in Bristol Castle.

Mordred was very pleased by the disorder and confusion in the battle. His extra touch of the cloud burst so amused him.