Cai Iolair – wisdom and philosophy

Cai Iolair
wisdom and philosophy

collected by Leri Penhaligon

“I have always been confused by this notion that good is only a battle against evil and therefore is in some way dependent upon it. Goodness is a way of being. Perhaps evil is that which is not good – but you do not have to combat evil to do a good deed. Goodness is an end in itself, not the process of fighting evil.”
“If the Ancestors are happy with Unliving why are Incantors granted the power to dismiss or destroy them?”
“I think that we are missing the point somewhat with all this talk of Law and Chaos. They seem to be ways of doing things rather than goals in themselves. I have been to wild and ‘Chaotic’ parties and had a good time, leaving with a sense that happiness was created by the celebration. I have also enforced ‘Laws’ arresting those that would harm the innocent and, upon seeing these innocents prosper, concluded that I had done the right thing.
I have no inherent problem with Chaos, though it is true my tendencies are more lawful than not. The point is that some things are ‘Right’ whilst others are not… …A supporter of Chaos could claim that these things just happen, and well they may do, but as beings with choice we are responsible for aiding forces of good or ill… …If you do not wish to follow the laws of others then that in itself is not immoral – but failing to live upholding ‘Right’ is. And I doubt that in your heart that your idea of ‘Right’ differs from mine.”
“I suppose that you could argue that a unanimously good world would be comparatively boring in comparison to that of today… …An insult Mr DhunDat says is common in the isles of Nippon equates to “May you live in interesting times”. I hope that one day my life will be boring, peaceful and happy, but this will not come while evil still has strength. Law and chaos may be required in some form of balance, but how can evil have any advantage?”
“My heart would never take an innocent’s life at random or at will.”
“What evidence do you think indicates that good cannot exist without evil? Good may need the potential for evil so that a good choice actually means something, but why does this potential need to have some manifestation?”
“I agree that to fully understand that we are doing good then we must also know what would be ‘not good’ ie. evil. However I believe that this ‘need’ for evil can remain on a purely intellectual level. I know what evil is but I choose against it. s’Kalion (of the Beastmen) gave me the impression that evil must exist in an like manner to goodness for the world to remain whole. This is something I, and I hope we as a faction, do not believe. If we did why do we strive for the good of the people of Albion or the sanctity of the cycle of life?”
“The popularity of truth is irrelevant. You are quite right to stand by what you believe to be true regardless of what that belief includes. However, I doubt those who have lived under evil or who truly understand the advantages of living in a safe and fair land would consider this discussion ‘vague philosophy’.”