The Lachlan Saga, 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard

Lord Fig did not know that Lady Ailish O’Donovan and the Duke Anfrwn of Dal Riada (better known as Baron Lachlan) were married some months earlier. Lord Fig had not approved of the association. It had been the intention of the Duke to inform him on Friday evening, quietly. This difficult position could not be left too much longer as Lady Ailish was with child.At the end of the Dragons’ muster on the Friday evening, in front of everyone Lord Fig asked the Duke whether he had decided to retain the Duchy of Dal Riada or to marry Lady Ailish. He could not have both. At this point the Duke introduced his wife, “The Lady Ailish du Beaumaris, Duchess of Gloucester, Selby and Dal Riada”.
Lord Fig was incensed and a great argument ensued. The Duke claimed the Duchy of Dal Riada as it was the will of the people that he should be their lord. Fig disputed this. Gwion (Head Incantor and the Representative of Danu) intervened and decreed that by tradition the only way to settle the dispute between them was by a duel to first blood! This was accepted and the argument calmed a little.


The following day directly after the Dragons had their second muster, Lady Ailish went to Lord Fig to plead with him not to cross swords with her husband over this matter. Lord Fig was not receptive and replied with mortal insults that cut her to the quick At this Lady Ailish attempted to slap him but missed due to his deftness of movement.
He then called her “You are a money grabbing Albion whore and if you try to strike the God King again, I will gladly run you through with my sword.”
In reply Lady Ailish slapped him with her left hand. The attempt at reconciliation declined into nothing as her husband became involved. At this point, the duel became a fight to the death. The Duke decided that he may well have made a mistake in selecting Lord Fig as the God King many years ago. Lord Fig had threatened to kill a woman so breaking the sacred code of the Paladins of Danu. He also stopped the Duke from killing one of the Tarantulas Unliving as it was bad manners in the Tarantulas Camp. An insult to the creed of a great a Paladin who is sworn to destroy all Unliving.


There was much chaos in the Dragons’ camp for over two hours before the duel. If The Duke killed Fig he would take over as God King as was the tradition. He declared a day of the Morrigan and hence the blue and black woad for the duel.
At about 3 O’clock on Saturday the Dragons and all interested parties were called to the Dragons Camp to observe the Duel. All present was sure that it was only to First Blood. A large contingent of Hunters was there to support Lady Ailish if things became difficult for her. There was much ceremony and the usual exchange of insults occurred. The fight was fierce and unrelenting. Neither Lord Fig nor the Duke could cause first blood because of their immunities until the latter broke his oath to Danu by invoking the power of that cursed spear. The goddess withdrew his life when he did that. At the same time he struck Lord Fig a mortal blow.
Lady Ailish and I were again the first to the side of a much respected warrior that had been struck down in the duel. I attempted healing but it was of no help. The Hunters closed ranks around the dead body. With much sobbing from the inconsolable Lady Ailish, he was carried back with great honour to the Harts camp. I was very sad to lose such a great friend despite our differences at times.


The reason for invoking the spear is not known but it is believed that it was the will of Danu. Lady Ailish from this point was a sorrowful figure that had been so happy in the company of her husband. She is still prone to bursts of uncontrolled weeping and looks like a living corpse as certainly she has barely slept since his death. Time will be a good healer and physically she is known to be strong.
The title of the Duke of Dal Riada was transferred to Kevin Na Bascna with Lady Ailish’s blessing. Beaumaris was given to her by the new High King, Lord Ash on condition that she keep the Castellan there. This she gladly accepted. The Spirits of Lord Fig, The Duke and Gideon of the Paladins of Danu appeared upon the field of battle. These took station with the Dragons.