A Story of the Tasseract

Once Upon A Time, There was a great city. It’s name was Orqwyth, and it was wondrous to behold. There was no other city like Orqwyth, it was the pinnacle of all art and architecture, perfect in construction and planning. It was the very dream of
what a city could be.

Visitors came to the city every night and wandered it’s boulevards, congregating in its piazzas. As they slept so they came to Orqwyth and beheld its majesty.

Yet within this jewel there was a flaw, for the ruler of Orqwyth, the Archon, was a cruel and unjust creature. For when war was made upon the allies of the story, the Archon used those sleepers who came to his realm, to make war upon the story’s kin, caring not for the harm it caused the somnambulists.

The mercilessly attacked by the sleepers, the people of the land, bore them no ill, for they were merely puppets of the Archons command. To end the bloodshed, and keep their allies from destruction, the people of the land set forth to bind the Archon. The task fell to Aldrich, greatest of the Magi.

How could that which was the heart of the dream city, be bound without sending
Orqwyth into ruin. Aldrich sought for an answer from the castles of Faerie to the pits of nightmare, he searched and many travels and perils did he face.

Aldrich journeyed to a southern isle, where he spoke with masters of the veil,
who were skilled in the ways of dreams and nightmares. They sat for a single
night whilst the moon waxed and waned and when dawn broke, Aldrich had his

After forty days and forty nights, Aldrich away returned to the people in Triumph. He told them of the nature of the Archon, how it was not the body, but the masque that was the true being and how a thing of dreams may be bound by giving it form.

The people consulted their libraries and from the great works of art, they gave the masque form, in a painting. The painting was wrapped in a riddle, told of in a story, and thus the prison was made. Its cunning folds and turns gave it its name – the tesseract.

Against such puissant works, the Archon could not stand, and when the somnambulists next attacked, the tesseract was brought before the mask. With an inhuman scream, the cruel Archon was trapped, yet Orqwyth remained unharmed.

Their work done, the people of the land sent the glad tidings to their allies and cast the tesseract into the depths. A new power was raised in Orqwyth and there was much rejoicing in the streets.

The End.