A Squire Blackest Hour

Once in the past, a great battle happen deep within the woods on the great lush fields of Draman. Many knight and men of honour fell defending the realm against an evil sorcerer intent on corrupting the entire land into the planes of un-dead.

This evil sorcerer had the power to suck all of the hopes and dreams of men away from them and hold them within a jet black stone leaving only suffering and horror behind.

The good lords saw this and knew that they could not win for as long as the evil sorcerer had this power, so while they distracted him they sent a single knight and his squire disguised as creatures of the dark to steal the stone while he the sorcerers attention was drawn away.

The knight managed to steal the stone but was injured in the task, so he told his squire to hide. Hide until those who hold dear the loyalty to the land and its people find him. Its is only to those people must the squire pass on the jet black stone too. For only they can crush the stone and release the hope and honour back into the world. The knight gave the young squire his silver cloak and as it fell around his shoulders he was cloaked in a silver mist hidden from the eyes and magic’s of all around.

Once the sorcerer found that he no longer possessed the stone he grew into a rage and called forth more power than even he could control, the battle field and all that remained on it turned to darkness, spirits trapped in an endless circle of horror and fighting never able to leave the fields in which they fell. The very land tainted by un-natural magic’s, feared by animal and bird alike. It is said that only the dead travel there now, but still deep within this tainted place in silver slumber the silver waits from those pure of heart to come and retrieve the blackest stone from him and set all hope free.

Copies gifted by Victoria of House Batan, 1112