A New Duke for York

York Minster was the scene of much rejoicing in the wake of the Spring Moot at Azurlon, as news reached the city that Wyck Carden had been duly appointed to the Ducal seat.

His Grace has loyally served York and the Pendragon Throne for many years, as a merchant, as Baron of Durham, and as Earl of Lincoln.

When the former Duke, Ninn, departed this plane to join the Wyld Hunt, Her Majesty Queen Eloise asked Wyck to step up to Steward of York. This new appointment has come as welcome news for the people of the Duchy of York.

A local resident, Sean of the Sheaf-field, claimed the new Duke to be a “top bloke and a man of the people.”

His Grace has already made notice of two events to take place at York later in the year, details of which can be found within this edition of the Herald.

When asked about his appointment, His Grace said he is “looking forward to faithfully serving the people of the Duchy of York.”