Carlisle has an Earl once more!

There was much celebration in the city of Carlisle, and throughout the refugee camps, as news spread that Wyndrake Winterheart had been appointed Earl of Carlisle, by Her Majesty, Queen Eloise.

The Earl is well-known throughout the city, having been based there as Sheriff since the sundering of Albion.

The Herald understands that the Earl has even been known to pitch in with the camps, building the palisade walls, and digging the latrine pits.

John Romney, a refugee from Kendal, told the Herald; “We’re all really pleased. We know the Winterheart, we see him around, pitching in around the camps, or training the young lads and lasses for the militia. He’s a bit dour, a bit stark, but you expect that from the fell folk, and he’s always happy to have a craic with you, always has a bit of mintcake for the la’al yans.”

The Herald understands that a group of Carlisle merchants have commissioned The Bricks, Norsca’s foremost folk band, to write a song in the new Earl’s honour.