A Nation in Mourning

When Gawain brought his Ritualist, Theodoric, to help cure the Blight on Her Late Majesty, a nation rejoiced.
When Her Late Majesty informed us that the Ritual had not succeeded in the way we had hoped, a nation’s heart broke.
Her Majesty Queen Eloise Hunter, Spirit of Albion made flesh, Chosen of the Trinity, and Mother to us All, had but one hour before she would succumb utterly to the foul influence of Calligar.
She offered the Realm a choice – let her be, and she would turn, and turn on us all, or chose to end her life, and give her the chance to stalk Calligar through the Ancestral Plane as the Woodsman.
The Royal Council met to deliberate, but the decision was made to request one final order from the Queen. Her Late Majesty made her decision – she wished an end.
It was her wish that she be placed upon the Death Mat, and be struck down with Excalibur, the Kingsword, by the hand of her own husband, Lazarus Hunterm Arch-High Incantor of Erdreja, and Lord General of House Hunter.
As the crowds gathered and knelt to bear witness, Sir Gawain himself stood by. Lazarus Hunter spoke to Her Late Majesty. Here follows their last conversation:
“The farm house with the apple tree. I will meet you under it. Nothing is forgotten.
“Nothing is ever forgotten.”
The Court looked on as Lazarus held the Kingsword aloft, and stuck hard and true. Eloise Hunter, Queen of Albion, fell to the floor, lifeless.
There was silence for a moment, before the soft sobs of the people began to punctuate the silence.
There are many theories as to why the ritual did not work, but the one thing that is certain, our Queen now walks on the Ancestral Plane as the Lady of the Greenwood – a Creature of the Woodsman.
That night the Harts were united in grief with people across the Egg, and drink and song became the order of the evening.
The next day we took to the field to thwart the forces of Calligar. Attempting to use the Hat to send Calligar to sleep, this did not quite go to plan.
Instead, Calligar was transformed into prey, bound to forever flee across the Ancestral Plane from the righteous fury of the Lady of the Greenwood.