9 unbelievable facts* about Albion!

Number 9 will make your jaw drop!

By our staff reptile, Killit Wythefyre

1. Because parts of it have been underwater for so long, mermaids have moved in. They are building an army to take over Albion. This will inevitably flail.

2. People say that the streets of Londinium are paved with gold. This is not true, you misheard them. They said mould.

3. Albiones drink more tea per day than all the other nations combined drink in a year.

4. The most used word in the Albion vocabulary is ‘spiffing’.

5. The main export of Albion is sarcasm.

6. There is buried treasure under Forest Glen but if you try and dig it up an anthrax elemental will appear and you’ll die.

7. The sewers of York are entirely filled with Skathen. Wyck just doesn’t know about it yet.

8. In a recent poll Karl Morgan was voted Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year. He was also voted best newcomer to the nobility, most charming pimp ever to have lived, and nicest bum in the faction. The contest was decided by a panel of judges consisting entirely of Karl Morgan.

9. In the old Albion dialect there is no word for ‘surrender’. The concept was only learned through contact with the Gryphons.

*The Tease accepts no responsibility for death, injury or financial loss consequent upon reliance on the factualosity of the above facts. Facts may have settled in transit. No correspondence will be entered into. Strength through Unity. Albion Prevails.