Militia Guildmaster commits savage assault!

We at the Tease encourage and provide the right of reply to all our articles — however, even our wearied senses were outraged by the actions of Darwin Carden, Grandmaster of the Militia and foremost avian-molester in all Erdreja!


Our regular readers will recall that in our first issue we drew attention to Darwin’s unsavoury links to what those in the know call his “feathered friends”.

In front of dozens of witnesses, in the very Guilds themselves, he confronted the Tease’s editorial staff, invented an impromptu law against the use of puns, and then conducted an appalling assault. Worse still, he was wielding the Hammer Of Justice, powered up to breach the Ritual Of Peace! It was fortunate that the Baron of Warwick’s injuries were no worse, or the diplomatic consequences might have been dreadful indeed to contemplate.


Karl Morgan is a forgiving and affable man, and has thus far chosen to take no physical retaliation upon the poltroon guildmaster.

But the Tease must ask: How can a man who will change the law at his own whim, to justify his own ends, be considered worthy of such an esteemed role in the Militia?

How can this outrageous attack on the free press be allowed to stand unchallenged?